The Top Five Benefits of Composite Decking

composite decking

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During the warmer months, our gardens tend to become an extension of our homes. We often find ourselves sitting in the sun and enjoying the lovely weather or spending the evening enjoying the slightly cooler air. On those cool winter days when the sun is low in the sky sitting in the garden while you sip on a hot drink can be just as enjoyable.

Gardens that come complete with composite decking tend to be a pleasure to spend time in, even more so than those without. Whether you have a small or a large garden you have the opportunity to install composite decking making your little piece of land a place to relax and spend some time.

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There are many different options available when it comes to creating a solid base in your garden. While you may be tempted to lay block paving, patio stones or even concrete, there is a lot to be said for composite decking…but don’t take my word for it, take a look at the top 5 benefits of having composite decking:

1 – Its Durability

Composite decking is incredibly durable and in some cases will come with a 15-year warranty. Decking such as this is expected to last somewhere between twenty and thirty years, even if you don’t take good care of it. While timber decking needs a lot of care which includes staining, sanding and cleaning, composite decking does not.

This means you can spend less time looking after it and more time enjoying it.  What’s more is you’re unlikely to see weather-associated cracks in your new decking as you would in concrete. In addition to being impressively durable, composite decking also has the ability to retain its colour over long periods of time meaning it always looks good, whatever nature throws at it.

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2 – It’s Good for the Environment

Composite decking is made from recycled plastic and wood in addition to bonding agents and colours, meaning it’s better for the environment than decking that has an impact on deforestation. When you buy composite decking you’re preventing more plastic going to landfill sites or ending up in the ocean.

Most of us have major concerns about the impact our lives have on the environment, so installing composite decking instead of many other types of decking is a lot less harmful.   

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3 – It’s Pretty Safe

When composite decking is installed in your garden, you can rest assured that it’s safe. Composite decking has no exposed fixtures or fittings that could cause harm, and there are no loose screws either. This means you won’t have to worry about you, your guests or any pets hurting themselves on your nice new decking.  

If you were to install timber decking you would find that the wood fibres expand when it’s raining, and they contract once the water has dried out. This process can cause the timber to crack and splinter, especially where screws are attached. Even with constant care, timber decking can cause accidents due to how slippery and wet they get. The good news is that composite decking does not become slippery, neither does it expand when wet. This means you and your family can continue to use your nice new decking whatever the weather’s doing.

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4 – Ideal for Pet Owners

Pet owners may be concerned that their dog or cat may urinate on their nice new decking. The good news is that composite decking is non-porous, and this means urine will not soak into it. A good spray with some water will wash the urine away leaving absolutely no trace of urine behind.

Pets can also become quite mucky at times, and dog owners may occasionally find dirty paw prints on the decking. Less prone to absorbing moisture than timber boards, composite boards can be made clean pretty easily. A wipe with a mop or a spray with a pressure washer should do the job nicely.

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5 – A Variety of Colours to Choose From

One of the great things about composite decking is that it comes in a wide range of colours. This ultimately means that no matter what your taste or style may be, you can find something to suit. So, whether you have a big green garden or a small flowery garden, your new decking can match or complement its colours. If you’re not sure what colour to use you may want to ask for a small sample pack so you can get a glimpse of what your nice new composite decking will look like.

There are so many benefits to having composite decking in your garden. This type of decking is very durable, it’s good for the environment and it’s pretty safe too. Ideal for pet owners and available in a variety of colours, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to install composite decking in their gardens.