Twin Bedrooms And How To Arrange And Decorate Them

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Having two kids is difficult in itself, having twins is even more of a challenge – they always tend to unite against the parental figure and you can never seem to tell whose crazy idea it was to repaint the bedroom walls in Nutella. However, you definitely want to do as much as you can to make your twins feel good and, chances are, they will be sharing the same bedroom. Here are some tips on how to decorate the kid’s bedroom for twins.

Twin Spaces

Despite the fact that your twins go hand in hand with each other, make sure that you realize that they are two separate persons. Make up a room into two independent spaces in order to keep jealousy at bay. Of course, separating the rooms with walls might not be such a good idea – you’ll want to shape your twins into a team – covering for each other is good in the long run. Instead of building literal walls between the two spaces of your twins’ bedroom, opt for different types of separation. Perhaps the best idea is painting the two separate territories in different colors or different shades of the same color. If you do this while your kids are young, they probably won’t even notice the difference; as they grow up, however, they will get introduced to the basics of possession and belongings, subconsciously and by themselves. This is parenting done the easy way.


Themes help boost your kids’ imagination and going for a certain one (or two) can go a long way in providing your child with something to look up to. Of course, with twins, things tend to be a bit different – although you could opt for a single, unified theme, perhaps think about creating differences between the two “territories”. This is especially true if your twins are of different gender.

On the subject of gender, you could opt for gender-inspired themes, such as princesses and flowers for girls and superheroes, cars and vehicles for boys, but think about coming up with a gender-neutral one – in this way, the feeling of equality will be taught to your little ones and you won’t even have to get into explaining this to them – chances are that they will become aware of their equality by themselves, subconsciously.

In any case, do not opt for colors that are too contrasting.

Storage and Accessories

Using one closet for your twins’ clothes is okay, but putting away their toys and accessories requires a bit more dedication. Contact a new home builder in order to get some useful advice, when it comes to storage spaces – they will probably recommend vertical shelves – an easy way to save space.

Identical Beds

Well, the entire purpose of a bedroom are the beds, right? So what kind of bed to opt for? Well, there are many beautifully designed beds for kids out there, but the most important thing to keep in mind is keeping them identical. Not only will the beds of equal proportions help you ebb away the clutter, but they will also bring out that important sense of equality – if beds are identical, there will be no cause for jealousy. Do not be afraid to get creative here – even if the beds are the same, you can still decorate them in different ways – using bedsheets and pillowcases of different colors and themes.

Arranging and decorating your twins’ bedroom is somewhat more complicated than doing this for a single kid’s bedroom. However, by following the useful advice outlined above, you might get a chance to teach your kids how to properly behave, without even giving them a single lesson – behavior is best taught in early childhood.

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