What You Need To Know About Buying A Modular Home

modular home

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The housing market is coming back with a bang. Due to this fact, more and more individuals are either looking to invest in the market or buy their very first home. Whatever the situation is, you are probably extremely excited and ready to venture into the market. You might have even taken the time to put in some research. If so, it is possible that you have come across many websites and real estate agents talking about modular homes. These homes are without a doubt growing in popularity due to their unique benefits and features.

What Exactly Is A Modular Home


A modular home is sometimes referred to as a pre-fabricated home. This is probably because they are pre-fabricated in an indoor factory like setting. They will be fabricated in section and sealed where they are then transported to their location. Once on the location they will be assembled. This is basically nothing more than a house that has been built off-site.

Modular Home And Manufactured Homes


People often times confuse modular homes and manufactured homes. In fact, there are a lot of individuals that think these are the same kind of home. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. Manufactured homes are nothing more than trailers or mobile homes that can be relocated from location to location. Modular homes are actually placed on permanent foundations.

Save Yourself Some Money


It really is the cost of modular homes that are making them so attractive. Due to the fact that these homes are constructed in a factory like setting, they can be built fast. In fact, it only takes a matter of weeks to construct one of these homes. The builders don’t have to worry about weather delays and most of the inspection can take place during the construction process. So, the homes will be built and certified before even leaving the factory. All of these factors help lower the overall price of the modular home.

They Can Be Customized


It should also be noted that the modular home could be customized. You can design it just like you would design your very own dream home. However, just keep in mind that the more complex you go, the longer it will take to build and it might drive up the price. You should also know that electrical, plumbing and ductwork are often times not factored into the overall price of the home. When it is all said and done your final costs for the home might be as much as twenty percent more than what the builder quoted you.

How Can You Tell A Home Is A Modular Home?


Maybe you have found the home that you are looking to invest in, but you want to know if it is a modular home or not. Well, this is actually pretty easy to determine. Every modular home should have some kind of small tag on the outside of each section. If you look for the tag, but are unable to locate it don’t forget to check the electrical box. Sometimes located inside the electrical box you will find a pre-fabricated tag as well.