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Since humans have populated this earth, the urge to survival has kept us looking for better and better places to make a home. We want safety and a place to rest without worrying about any other thing. This urge propelled us from living in caves to building our own tents, houses, cities and metropolises.


From the earliest cavemen living in caves without any other thing was a necessity because a cover up on your head is must for a peaceful rest. The cave men lived in underground caves covering their cave hole with mud and leaves. Thus, creating the first roof.

We progressed from cavemen to nomads thus building our own tents from the animals we hunted covering our meager belongings and rest area with an animal skin hanging on two poles. We thus found out that a dry place is better to store food and utensils, better for rest and it saves us from the elements and the severity and tempers of mother natures. It helped keep us dry and healthy.

Many an earlier human died because of exposure and hypothermia in winters because they did not understand the severity of the elements.

Then we started putting roofs over our dwellings made of thatch, reeds and wood. This was a great improvement over leaves and mud. The only problem was this either washed away or burnt down endangering those living within.

Modern Roofing

Modern roofing traces its origins to Ancient China where the Chinese started laying glazed clay tiles on their roofs around 5000 years ago. The same was being carried out by the Greeks and Babylonians who started putting earthen tiles on homes around 4000 to 5000 years ago. This was the start of the modern roofing where now people not only thought about aesthetics but also about structural integrity and overall safety that the new roof provided.

This lead to a revolution in roof designs that continued over the time period. People started building roofs with support of wooden girders and roof laying over multiple stories. This resulted in newer techniques that not only improved the over strength of the roof but also added new ideas like insulation.

In the 19th century when modern practices were implemented in city and residential planning so were the regulations for roofs added. This allowed a major revolution in roof design with steel structures supporting multiple stories and designs of roofs. This enabled more living area in less space. But this was not what the average common person was looking for.

What to Do?

The average common man still built wooden houses with wooden roofs. The cost of these steel structures was too much for a common man to afford thus came specialized companies which provided roofing options (new roofs, types of roofs, repairs, budgetary suggestions etc.). thus people could now have a roof that met not only housing regulations, but also catered for special needs like roof top gardens, insulations, green roofs etc. Thus companies like Cherry & Clark Roofing which provide the roofing of your need from residential roofing designs, aesthetic designs like shingles, tiles, metal, asphalt, flat the type of roofing you need and they provide it. Not only this they provide emergency repairs, periodic roof integrity checks and budget suggestion and estimates so that you may have a best idea on what to do and plan accordingly. With their after sale and project completion service you have an ease of mind about the shelter above your head and the safety it brings. A good roof means a strong house and a peaceful living.