4 Advantages of Adding an Attic to Your Home

Adding an Attic

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Is your attic sitting unused and dirty? Do you wish you had more usable space in your home?

Attics are a versatile area that you can convert to be anything you want. Whether you need more storage space or help with your business, it’s possible an attic remodel could be the solution.

Check out these 4 great advantages of restoring your attic space into something more practical.

1. Create Storage Space

Does every house have an attic? No, but even if you don’t have one, it’s easy to add one. You can remodel your attic and finish it to add a room to the house, or you can ask a loft boarding company to make it into a safe storage space.

Whether it’s only a few Christmas decorations or lots of extra items, having space in your home to store things is really helpful. Not only do you save on renting storage space elsewhere but also you can access the items more readily.

2. Increase Square Footage

If you choose to finish the attic, it increases the size of your home. That may be an incentive on its own. Larger homes justify a higher asking price if you plan to resell your home, another reason to up the square footage.

The extra space can be anything, from a new bedroom to a bathroom. Office space, exercise space, and play areas for kids are other options, not to mention a home theater room.

3. Add Charming Features

Use the attic to give your house more character. Featuring house rafters or creating a balcony type space with a loft feel, rather than enclosed space, are only two ideas.

Another popular idea is to make the space a new bedroom and choose interior decor that reflects the year the house was built. It becomes very cozy and inviting, perhaps a guest room or AirBnB space.

Add decor details to the attic ceiling for more charm. Installing shiplap on the ceiling, or even molding, makes the ceiling look intentional rather than an afterthought.

4. Save on Business Expenses

House attics are a great space out of which to run a home business. You can save on operating expenses if you choose to convert this into an office or workspace.

If you’re a crafter who sells your wares on Etsy, design the space to give you room to work on your items and new ideas, not just desk space. You can install a drafting table for architectural designs, easels and drop cloths for painting, or anything you need for your business.

For meeting with clients, create a comfortable lounge area separate from your desk. Make sure to install an exterior entrance, so your business associates don’t have to troupe through your house to get to your space.

Attics: The Perfect Project

Attics are the perfect spaces to improve your home without having to make large structural changes. Consider the reasons above, from increasing storage or square footage to adding character and saving money, as you plan for your remodel.

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