6 Hotel Housekeeping and Cleaning Tips to Always Keep in Mind

Cleaning Tips

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Whether you are operating a small B&B, have one or two rooms that you are renting out to transients, or have a small hotel, there is one thing that your customers always expect of you. You should always maintain the cleanliness of your establishment. Keeping your rental property clean should always be on top of your list of priorities.

As easy as cleaning up may sound, when it comes to hotels or similar hospitality establishments, you can never be too clean in the eyes of your guests. To ensure that you keep everything clean, here are some tips from hotel housekeepers that you can use:

1. Always Have a Cleaning Plan Before Beginning

It is best if you have a cleaning plan that you can follow, so you won’t miss any areas that need to be cleaned. Having a checklist will help you take care of everything you need to cover. This is something that most big hotels do and it usually starts with the cleaning of chandeliers, changing of sheets, and vacuuming of floors.

2. Work Your Way From the Top to the Bottom

There is a good reason why you have to start cleaning from the top and work your way to the bottom parts of your rooms. This means beginning with chandeliers, window blinds, tops of cabinets and shelves, then down to tabletops, beds, furniture, and finally the floor. This is so you don’t have to backtrack and redo parts of your spaces when dirt and dust fall down, which can eat up a lot of your time.

3. Don’t Forget to Clean the Light Bulbs

This is one thing that people tend to forget when it comes to cleaning. Forgetting to clean your bulbs will result in dimmer lights. Word of advice before you do clean your bulbs – use a feather duster and turn off the lamps before doing this. Make sure that the bulbs are cool as well before doing this to avoid burning your fingers.

4. Invest in the Right Cleaning Materials

Don’t scrimp on the cleaning materials that you use. For instance, when it comes to cloths that you use to wipe tabletops and furniture with, buy microfiber cloth instead of just using any old rag. These will help you avoid scratching up your furniture. The same goes for mops. When buying commercial wet mops, always go for microfiber ones to help protect the surface of your floor while giving it a good clean at the same time.

5. Don’t Mix Your Chemicals

Before you use any chemicals to clean your commercial rental, always make sure that you know what you are doing. Don’t use the same rag or mop for all the cleaning chemicals that you use. These can create harmful fumes that can end up harming you and everyone within the area. To ensure that you don’t inadvertently mix up a mop or rag with one type of cleaning chemical with another, try to color code your rags and mops.

6. Invest in Mattress Protectors

If you are wondering how large hotels keep their mattresses from smelling like sweat and looking like a mess even after years of use, then wonder no more. Most large hotels use what is called a mattress protector to keep their mattresses clean and fresh for longer. A mattress protector offers an additional layer of protection from fluids, dust mites, dirt, and stains. These go under the bedsheet and over the mattress top, and can be easily removed and washed, allowing you to extend the life of your mattress and to keep these pristine even after years of use.

Emma Mattress Protector

These are just a few of the things you can do to keep your rental spaces as clean as any 5-star hotel. Other things you can do to help keep your rooms and other areas clean like a pro is to let cleaning agents do their work before you scrub. Don’t forget to clean your walls as well, and don’t be afraid to go on all fours when you need to do some thorough cleaning.


When you clean your small rental or B&B, to do it like a pro, the right cleaning materials and following a plan is crucial. Taking care to use cleaning materials that don’t scratch up surfaces, like microfiber cloths and mops, will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements. Making sure that you don’t mix up your cleaning materials and create harmful fumes is also essential. Aside from practicing proper cleanliness, this grants maximum safety to you and your guests.