How To Attach Carpet To a Cat Tree?

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You just got a cat tree for your cat, likely because you’re sick of it scratching up the furniture, even though you’ve purchased the best cat proof couch cover!

But now, you’re looking for ways to furnish the tree, or you want to change the carpet it came with. Once you attach a carpet to your cat tree, your cat will be able to find warmth and scratch until their hearts content. Carpeting a cat tree is easier than you think we share how to do it.

Your cat can also scratch at the carpet of their cat tree instead of your furniture. Now that you want to attach a carpet to your cat tree, you don’t know how to do it. Rest assured, this article will be telling you how to attach a carpet to your cat tree. 

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Gather the Supplies

The first thing you need is a bare  old cat tree without any carpet. So if your cat tree came with an entire carpet, you have to remove it before you commence. At this point, you must have the carpet you want to put on your cat tree. Choose a carpet that won’t be too rough on your cat’s skin but one that is very fluffy and soft. After, you will have to go to a store and get a hammer, nails and a box knife. Don’t attach a carpet to your cat tree in the house; take it to the garage. You wouldn’t want your cat to step on nails.

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Remove the Previous Carpet From the Tree

Most cat trees come with some covering, so you have to make sure you remove it before re carpeting with a new one. You have to take great care when you’re removing the previous carpet from the cat tree so you won’t damage the cat tree. A lot of carpets that come with cat trees are easy to remove, so you can use a solution to weaken the adhesive and remove it. If you don’t know how to remove a carpet from the cat tree, you should hire a professional to remove old carpet. You can call a carpenter to remove the carpet you don’t want any longer from your cat tree.

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Cut the Carpet To Appropriate Size and Attach the Carpet Using Nails

This part is going to require precision and measurement on your part. Calculate the size of where you want to attach the carpet to and cut it out on the carpet. Once you’ve cut out the carpet according to the size of the cat tree, you can then begin to attach it. You will use your nails and hammer to attach the carpet to your cat tree. You should attach the carpet in a part of your house where your cat won’t interfere. The loud noise will disturb your cat, so you should do it far away from where they stay.

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It is important to know when to change the carpet on your cat tree. Carpets get worn because of your cat clawing on them. Once you see the carpet on your cat tree has many patches and is no longer cushiony, change it. You also need to make sure you get a quality carpet that won’t shed. Put a new carpet on your cat tree, and your cat will never want to leave their cat tree.