Beat the Summer Heat: 5 Simple Ways to Cool Your House

Cool Your House

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An average air conditioner will run up to 7 months, take a maximum of 5,000 watts of energy, and be left on for nearly 9 hours a day in the summer months. This amount of power to keep you cool can have a large effect on your energy bills.

Luckily, if you are wondering how to keep cool in the summer there are alternatives to cut back on AC usage.

Read on for the top 5 tips for keeping cool in your home.

1. Tint Your Windows

Cooling a house shouldn’t cause you to block out the sun or your view of the outdoors. Tinted windows remove the heat and harmful rays without compromising your home’s scenery or style.

Choose from an array of colors and designs while adding additional cooling methods. Your home won’t heat up during the day, making the temperature lower in the evening.

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2. Add Some Foliage

If you need an air conditioning repair sometimes you have no other option but to cool your home in other ways. How to keep your house cool in the summer when your AC is down? Try planting some trees around your house.

The natural shade will block the sun when placed at the right location. They don’t have to be right outside your windows, rather at an angle where the sun shines directly on your home.

3. Choose Breathable Sheets

Those cozy flannel or silky satin sheets served you well in the winter, but it is time to think cooler for a better night’s sleep in the summer. One of the best ways to stay cool in the summer is to adjust your bedding. Natural cotton is breathable and soft to make you fall asleep and stay asleep no matter the temperature.

Also, try a light blanket instead of a comforter to keep nearby just in case the fan or AC gets you too chilly.

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4. Avoid Using the Stove for Long Periods

Another way as to how to stay cool in the summer is by changing your cooking habits. Baking or frying for more than a few minutes can heat up your home. An oven will act like a furnace, which counteracts all your other cooling methods.

Try grilling outside or making quick meals that don’t require long cook times or high heats.

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5. Stay Downstairs

Heat rises, so one way to stay cool in the summer is to avoid going to your second floor. If you have a guest bedroom on the first floor or basement then switch your sleeping location. Or set up a futon or temporary mattress for those especially hot nights.

You will be surprised how much cooler different parts of your house are even in various sections on the same floor.

How to Keep Cool in the Summer and Save Money

Not only will you know how to keep cool in the summer with these tips you will also save money. Lower temperatures mean less energy used to maintain the coolness.

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