What Is the Best Window Material? The Top 5 Options to Consider

best window material

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Did you know that heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling use?

If your windows are old and need to be replaced, you could save a lot of money by updating them now. But how do you know what is the best window material for your home?

Luckily, there is a wide range of materials and styles to suit every budget and need.

Here are the top five options to consider to help you pick the perfect new windows.

1. Vinyl

If you are looking for affordability and energy efficiency, vinyl may be the right choice for you. Many vinyl windows have the option of foam insulation which can increase their insulating properties and energy efficiency.

Plus, vinyl windows can withstand high impact and buffer noise, which makes them an ideal candidate for urban homeowners.

2. Fiberglass

One of the biggest benefits of choosing fiberglass windows is that they can withstand sub-zero temperatures and extreme weather. They also won’t rust, rot, or bend.

Not only are they durable, but they are also energy-efficient and can help reduce your monthly utility bills. While they cost a bit more than vinyl, you can trust that they are built to last.

3. Wood

One of the oldest and most common window materials is wood. Prized for its natural look and beautiful finish, it can be easily customized to suit the color scheme in your home.

Just be sure to treat wood windows with a stain and sealants to protect them from insects, humidity, mold, and other damage.

4. Aluminum

Aluminum windows are a popular choice for warmer climates. While they are a very budget-friendly option, they are not recommended for the Northeast or other very cold areas.

These windows are strong and durable and better suited to Southern coastal areas.

5. Fibrex

If you’re looking for different window materials that go beyond the usual, try a new proprietary blend called Fibrex. These windows are made of composite materials that outperform vinyl and wood by a longshot.

Fibrex is low maintenance, durable, resistant to decay, structurally rigid, and has insulating properties. You can try Fibrex from Renewal by Andersen in a wide variety of colors and styles.

How Do You Choose the Best Window Material?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a replacement window material is the climate you live in.

If your home is located in a northern area, you’ll want a material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you are in a southern region, you might want to consider windows that keep out the heat.

Find Your Perfect Match

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of window materials, you can choose the best match with confidence.

Vinyl, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, wood, and Fibrex windows all have their benefits and can increase the value and lifespan of your investment. The best window material for your home will suit the local climate and your budget.

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