10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Wicker Baskets for Home Décor

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Wicker Baskets for Home Décor

How do you use wicker baskets around the house? It is good to know that other than storage, the lovely rustic wicker baskets, hampers, and boxes also show extraordinary talents in home décor.

Time to play with your imagination to figure out various uses of hand-woven wicker basket. A picnic lunch box? A fruit storage basket? Here get inspired by 10 creative ways to repurpose wicker baskets for home décor.

1. Kitchen Storage

Wicker baskets help greatly to organize a kitchen. Put the ingredient-rich bottles and your favorite cookbooks into wicker baskets next to the stove, handy for use. Inside your kitchen cabinet, place articles such as knives and forks, spoons, glass cups, dishes, placemats, and sponges by category in corresponding wicker boxes.

Don’t you think your kitchen more neatly and more stylish now?

2. Food Serving Tray

A creative way to use wicker basket tray with holders is to serve food including bread, cakes, cookies, and various dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Want your afternoon teatime photos to get more likes on Instagram? Serve cookies, tea, coffee with wicker baskets which adorn your tea table naturally.

3. Wicker Basket Vase

It is a wonderful idea for florists and those that loves flowers to use a wicker basket as a vase to fit faux flowers. You can find different sizes and shapes of wicker baskets for different artificial plants, vines, flowers and floral stems. It makes your home décor more plural and vigorous.

4. Plant Holder

An even better idea to use wicker baskets for home décor is for real indoor plants. After the plants are planted in a ceramic pot or planter, dress it up with a wicker basket. You will love keeping a hanging basket for lovely air plant, and one big deep cylindrical wicker baskets for a weeping fig tree in the corner of living room.

5. Linen Closet Storage

Install a set of wicker baskets inside your linen closet or storage cabinet to make most of the limited space. They keep everything including towels, sheets, underwear, socks, hats, gloves, belts nice and organized, while also decorating your closet with a natural and pastoral aesthetic.

6. Unusually Artistic Wall Décor

Serval humble wicker baskets will make a plain white wall of your hallway or living room appealing and elegant. Lightweight handmade rattan baskets have the luxury of blending any home decor style, be it the classic or the contemporary. It is your idea to arrange the baskets in particular patterns and make them uniquely beautiful.

7. Knitting Accessories Storage

It is a creative way to use wicker basket for kitting accessories and tools storage. A versatile extra large wicker basket is helpful to fit needles, yarn, scissors, stitch holders, crochet hook, everything in… If you’ve got a wicker basket with a long curving handle, you can carry your gear hear and there, to the garden or park, kitting when basking under the sun.

8. Nightstand Décor

The vintage look of wicker basket tray also makes it easily to be part of your bedroom décor when placed on a nightstand. What to put inside the tray? How about a vintage lamp, a photo frame, old magazine, a wax candle, and a little green plant.

9. Dresser Table Décor + Storage

Still in your bedroom, a large wicker box is ideal for skincare products storage and displaying. Whether your dresser table is made of wood or metal, a wicker bask can fit perfectly into the dresser and helps arrange your perfume bottles, jewelry, cosmetics, and make-up brushes neatly.

10. For Kid’s Toy

When it comes to the uses of wicker baskets for home décor and storage, the ideas are endless. We also love to have a large and special basket to store all the kid’s toys easily. It gives a clean and comfortable space, moreover, it beautifully decorates our house with warmth and texture.

Top Corner Sofa Tips

Top Corner Sofa Tips

It is important to research everything you can about corner sofas. Sofas are expensive, and you need to buy the right one for your home. Most people tend to keep their sofa for many years to come, which isn’t the case with other household items such as lamps and rugs.

Before you buy a sofa, you want to research all you can because you’ll own it for a very long time. With that said, there are a few questions you might have about corner sofas. Read on to find out the answers to your questions.

Corner Sofas: Do They Serve Space

When buying furniture, the first thing to consider is space, or the lack of space. Many homes don’t have a lot of living space. This is why you have to choose your sofa wisely because you don’t want to buy one that doesn’t fit in your living room.

One of the best things about corner sofas is they provide plenty of sofa to friends and family members. Corner sofas also don’t take up as much floor space as two-seater couches. Gaps between furniture items can actually increase your risk of injuring or banging your toes and shins.

At first glance, the L-shape may look too big. However, many people choose corner sofas for their small living rooms. This is because of the seating configuration it offers, and its versatility.

Corner Sofas & The Modern Lifestyle

It’s worth noting that the television is the item that dominates most modern homes’ living rooms. This is exactly why you should add a corner sofa to the living room. It’s design allows you to relax, stretch your legs and to cuddle with your loved one while you watch television.

With corner sofas, you don’t have to worry about hard edges or inter-furniture gaps. You won’t be craning your neck either. You’ll simply have a piece of furniture that saves space and provides you with the utmost comfort. For increased versatility you can opt for a Chesterfield Corner Sofa Bed.

Design Choices

While we’re talking about space, it’s worth mentioning you should consider the design of your prospective sofa. If you have a small living space and buy a large sofa, then your room will look overwhelmed and cluttered. This is especially true if the sofa has a high back.

A less imposing design is what you should opt for if you have a small room. Consider going for a light colored sofa. To give the illusion of more space, get a sofa that has long legs.

Can Your Sofa Sit In Front Of A Window

The short answer is yes. If you’re going to buy a custom sofa, then consider the windowsill’s height. Your sofa’s back should not be above the window. It should be leveled or below it.

You don’t want to block out natural light. This is why you have to consider the windowsill’s height. Plus, letting sunlight into the living room creates an even more relaxing space.

Modular Sofas

The majority of corner sofas are modular. This means you’ll have a number of chair-sized pieces. Best of all, you can use them as you see fit.

Corner sofas are incredibly easy to carry up the stairs, or to move in general. An L-shape corner sofa can double as a two-seater or a U-shape sofa.This makes buying a corner L-shaped sofa well worth it.

The bottom line is corner sofas come in many designs and styles. You have no shortage of choices. Not only that, but corner sofas offer more seats compared to other types of furniture, such as a standard three-seater couches or a recliner.

Should You Buy A Leather Corner Sofa

When it comes to sofas, leather is a popular choice. Leather is durable and it’s gorgeous. Not only that, but it is available in patinas and shades. Leather tends to age well too, and it usually takes the shape of those who use it regularly.

Leather corner sofas are good choices if you have kids in your home. They will love how comfortable a leather corner sofa is. More importantly, if your kids spill anything on it, you’ll easily be able to clean it up.

Leather L-shaped sofas are perfect for being the focal piece of a room. It is suitable for virtually any kind of home. Leather is adaptable and looks great, making it the perfect material for a couch.

The Best Corner Sofa

There is no one best corner sofa on the market. The best piece is the one that suits your needs the most. Remember, just because a sofa is very cheap to buy does not mean it is the best one, nor will it meet your expectations.

Generally speaking, the average lifespan of a sofa is between seven years and fifteen years. If you opt for a very cheaply made sofa, then it may last less than seven years. You need to take your time when it comes to finding and buying a corner sofa. You want to choose one that will last for many years to come.

In our opinion, the best piece is the one you can design. By designing your own corner sofa, you can bet you will choose the best couch for your home, yourself and for your family. Not only that, but you’ll be able choose the color, firmness and more. There are many benefits of designing your own corner sofa, and those are only a handful.

Where To Buy Your Corner Sofa

Sure, you have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a corner sofa. The good news is shopping around for one is fun. It’s actually a very exciting experience.

Are you convinced that a corner sofa is the right piece of furniture for your home? If so, then we can help. We will love to help you get the best corner sofa for you and your family.

We have a team of highly skilled and talented individuals. For over two decades, we have been crafting sofas that are stylish, durable and beautiful.

We offer over 50 different design options. Even more impressive is we offer thousands of fabrics for you to choose from. We are convinced we have something that will appeal to you. If you’re ready to get your dream corner sofa or you want to explore what kind of options you have or what kind of prices you can expect to pay, then contact us today.

Features You Should Look For When Choosing A Gaming Chair

Features You Should Look For When Choosing A Gaming Chair

Choosing a gaming chair for your gaming setup is a no-brainer. There are hundreds of options available in the market and online stores. But it is important to ensure that the chair you are going to get is comfortable, so you do not experience pain in muscles or joints while playing games for long hours.

Where To Buy A Good Gaming Chair

An avid gamer can easily find a good gaming chair but the newbies who are just starting might find it hard to get hold of a good one. We recommend you to go through the gaming chairs collection of Home Detail.

They have a wide variety of gaming chairs to choose from. They offer a 30-day return policy so if you are not satisfied with your gaming chair you can get a refund.

A good chair will provide you with a comfortable seating position so you can focus on winning the game you are playing. Here are some features that you should look for in a gaming chair.

Comfortable Build

Posture and health are related to a comfortable build. The chair should be built to support your body’s natural shape. The backrest should provide lumbar support to your lower back-arch. The chair should also be high enough to accommodate shoulders and head.

Maximum Adjustability

Playing games for long hours in a single position can cause stiffness so it is important to change your seating positions. A chair should have a variety of adjustment options such as a range of tilt angles for the backrest, adjustable headrests and armrests and a tilt lock feature. This will allow you to adjust the seat to a wide range of sitting positions.


Some gaming chair companies are offering add-on features such as head pillows and lumbar pillows. These pillows give you added support to the back and your head. But remember to check if the pillow can be adjusted in terms of height for different positioning.

Appropriate Size

You should be able to sit properly in the gaming chair which means it should not be too small or too large. Similarly, it should be able to support your weight properly so it does not squeak or tumble when you move on it. The dimensions should allow you to move freely when sitting on the chair.

Fine-Quality Upholstery

The material used in making the seat covers and other components should be of the highest quality. Gaming chairs are used for long hours, the upholstery is exposed to a lot of abuse (for example the spilling of food) so the material used should be durable and rigid. It should also be breathable to keep your body cool and relaxed.

Frame, Base and Wheels

To have a sturdy and balanced gaming chair check the rigidity of its frame and base. You can check them by sitting on the chair and moving it across the floor. Remember, the perfect gaming will smoothly glide across the floor while supporting your weight.

Overall Style Of The Chair

Most people buy gaming chairs to be used in their gaming studios which have an informal look to them. If your gaming studio doubles as an office, you should choose a chair that has a minimalist colour theme.

You can also choose from a variety of gaming chair styles such as a bucket chair, a waterfall design chair or a winged backrest chair.

When and Where to Buy Living Room Sets on Sale

When and Where to Buy Living Room Sets on Sale

Are you in the market for a new living room set? Living room furniture can be quite the investment, and higher quality more durable materials can cost even more. If you want to buy furniture that will last for decades without spending a lot of money, waiting for a furniture sale is the way to go.

But when and where do you find these sales? Here is what you can expect so you can plan the right time to get your next living room set.

National Holidays

Americans love any excuse to party or shop, so national holidays are definitely on the list of when to get cheap furniture. Holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and President’s Day are frequently honored by furniture stores.

Keep in mind that your local furniture stores are not the only ones to offer discounts on these holidays. In order to compete with local stores, most online furniture brands and stores offer additional sale discounts on these holidays as well.

Retail Holidays

Again, Americans love to shop so much that there are “holidays” specifically for holding sale events. Every industry and sector relating to retail honor these holidays, and furniture stores are no different. While some retailers offer sales at every possible opportunity, most furniture stores both online and off will offer sales on these universal retail holidays:

  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Labor Day weekend
  • Father’s Day
  • Back to School
  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Cyber Monday

It is interesting to note that although the last weekend of November has always been filled with sales, the descriptors are fairly outdated. Most furniture retailers, regardless of business size, locality, or online presence, offer discounts throughout from Thanksgiving through the Monday after.

Clearance Sales at Seasonal Changes

Just as new clothing arrives in stores each season, so too do furniture collections. While clothing and other retailers offer clearance four seasons per year, furniture stores really only have two seasons. If you want to get the most options at the lowest prices, shop clearance sales at furniture stores in January and July. If you are looking for outdoor furniture, you may also look for clearance sales in late August.

Local clearance sales are not going to run for long, but they’ll get you the biggest discounts. Most brick and mortar furniture retailers have limited showroom and warehouse space. That means when the new collections begin to arrive, they are desperate to unload the previous season’s inventory.

However, online furniture stores offer clearance prices year-round, no sale event is needed. Because they have access to warehouses and wholesalers, online furniture retailers are able to offer clearance items until they sell. If you want the cheapest furniture, look at the oldest collections on the clearance section of a website.

Online Only Furniture Sales

Online furniture stores also offer another type of sale – sales on specific furniture brands. When online retailers are able to negotiate a lower inventory cost from major brands, they often pass those savings on to you through brand specific sales. You can frequently receive significant discounts if you are able to work with the brands on sale when you start your search.

Another perk of online furniture stores – they almost always offer free shipping. Your local store is sure to require an exorbitant delivery fee, if they offer delivery at all. Online stores will usually offer free delivery as part of the sale event, or just as a matter of policy for orders over a certain purchase amount.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait for one of these retail sale events or you don’t want to hunt around for the perfect living room furniture, check out online furniture stores. The living room sets you find there will be the same as you can find in furniture stores all over the country. But the prices are far lower, even without living room sets on sale.

Lounge Storage Ideas

Lounge Storage Ideas

While the lounge may be the “statement place” in your home, it does not exclude it for housing things like every other room. Your lounge is the representative part of your home, a place to entertain guests and yourself.

Hence, it has to be presentable, tidy, and welcoming. To make your lounge presentable, tidy, and welcoming, clutter and untidiness must never be allowed.

However, the lounge houses furniture, household utilities, and some personal belongings can cause clutter if not properly arranged and stored. It is on this note that you need storage ideas to keep your lounge stylish yet functional. Whether you need to store your doberman dog collar or magazines and a tv remote, there’s options for everyone.

Check the various lounge storage ideas below.

Utilize Your Wall

Regardless of how spacious your lounge is, the walls are your best shot at storing most of your personal belongings. Having a floor-to-ceiling wall unit is useful for keeping out clutter.

With the wall unit, you can store as many things as you desire, from your picture frames to books to decorative items, etc. It can also serve as a dresser for keeping things in closed areas or table tops for cocktails. Overall, it makes your lounge tidy, free from clutter, and serves as a piece of decorative furniture.

Maximize Your Furniture

Furniture can serve as many purposes as you want. There is already-made double-duty furniture that serves as storage alongside its original purpose. These categories of furniture will help in keeping your lounge tidy as you can store anything in them.

Also, there is furniture that you can optimize to double-duty by adding storage cases to them. Storage cases attached to furniture include wall scones and underlying bench drawers features. You can attach bench drawers to tables and other floor furniture.

If you do not have furniture with storage features and it will cost you to optimize them, you can hide items underneath your furniture. Ensure proper and thoughtful arrangement of belongings like books underneath your furniture to make your lounge look tidy yet stylish.

Built-Ins and Floating Shelves are Excellent Considerations

To maximize the space in your lounge, you should consider built-ins like bookshelves and cabinets. Bookshelves and cabinets will add aesthetics to the lounge. You can arrange the books to give a pattern that will beautify your lounge. Ensure that the cabinets are closed at all times if what you are storing is not befitting you out in the open.

Floating shelves make the lounge look more refined and polished. When properly installed, they compliment the wall unit and make your lounge look artistic and chic. You can fill them with books, vases, or other home décor pieces.

Create a Deck and Roll Up a Bar Cart

To entertain your guests, you need the drinks readily available to avoid going back and forth.

A great idea for storing your drinks for entertainment purposes is to create a deck.

With a deck, you can keep all sorts of drinks from your cocktails to your strongest liquor. However, if you need to get the drinks, a bar cart is the best choice. It can serve as many drinks as you want and also store your barware. You can decorate it with candles and small tabletops. It is multipurpose and helps keep your lounge stylish and tidy.

These are a few tips and simple ways to ensure simplicity in your life.

Top 5 Beautiful Living Room Remodel Ideas for 2020

Top 5 Beautiful Living Room Remodel Ideas for 2020

Is your living room starting to feel like a prison? Do you sit on the couch, staring at the four walls around you, wishing you could escape the monotony? Sounds like you’re in desperate need of a living room remodel. It’s time to flex your interior design muscles and create a room that rejuvenates your spirit.

These remodeling ideas will inspire you to create the living room you’ve always dreamed of.

1. What a Feeling

Textures layer a room, making it feel less flat. Wooden floors are a great way to add warmth. Clean, polished wood imbues a room with elegance, while rustic, industrial-looking wood creates a modern, loft-style finish.

Speaking of loft-style finishes, polished concrete has become increasingly popular. Concrete floors can be easily customized to suit your design preferences. Textured rugs, throws, and cushions add softness to a room. Ceramic, metal, and glass are also great ways to introduce texture to a living room remodel.

Made Market has a wide range of textural decorative pieces for you to choose from. For more information, visit their page.

2. Opposites Attract

Create interest through contrast. In the past, we’ve seen a strong drive for largely white décor paired with neutral tones. Now, contrast is fighting back!

Contrast can be achieved in various ways, the most effective of which is pairing light colors with dark colors. Black and white and navy and cream are classic examples. You can also create contrast with decorative objects—pair organic objects with manufactured items, rough textures with polished surfaces. Or, place dainty objects next to vast, statement pieces.

3. Vintage Accents

Antique styles are making a big comeback, not only through vintage art but also through color. Clay and terracotta tones are sneaking back onto the scene. Ceramic and earthenware decorations, along with spindle and spooled leg furniture, offer another nod to the antique. 1970s pop art sofas are highly sought after by younger generations. These bright sofas breathe life and playfulness into a room.

A word to the wise, show restraint when decorating with vintage items. If you get too carried away, your living room could end up looking like a museum. A few statement pieces are all that is needed.

4. Sofa, So Good

What is a living room without a sofa? A good sofa anchors a room and draws visitors in. Bold seating is one of the big living room trends of 2020. Mismatched armchairs and sofas are making a splash. Different colored upholstery is a great way to break up the monotony in a room. Adding rattan or wicker chairs introduces a lovely variety of textures.

Curved sofas have made a grand return. They add a sense of movement, drawing your eye around the room.

5. Blank Space

A wall is an empty canvas that is often underused. Bold accent walls, decals, and wallpapers make good use of this space. 2020 has seen a resurgence of floral wallpaper. Minimal, less busy floral patterns invite nature into your living room without overwhelming the senses.

Modern, geometric patterns are also popular. These patterns can often trick the eye, making a room look bigger than it is.

Rejuvenate Your Home With a Beautiful Living Room Remodel

It’s time for your house to give you joy again. Invest in your home with a living room remodel that everyone will rave about.

For more great lifestyle advice and tips, be sure to browse through our other articles.