How Much It Will Cost To Install Air Conditioning?

Cost To Install Air Conditioning

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Summer is fast approaching and the problem is you do not have a working air conditioning system. You are tired of the hot and sweaty nights, and you are now desperate to install a new unit as the existing one is irreparable.

Working with a reliable air conditioning company will help in saving money. They will give recommendations on the most energy-efficient, quality, and affordable systems.

Always check for positive reviews and ask around for referrals to make sure you are dealing with a quality AC service provider.

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, an AC is a necessity, especially in summer.

Two reasons why you should invest in a new one is that they are more powerful and quieter. They are also more energy efficient which helps in saving on power bills.

What Is the First Thing That You Need To Do?

The first thing you need to do is contact several HVAC experts. They will give more insight on the best unit for your needs.

Talk about what you need, the size of your home, and how much you can afford. Based on this, they will recommend a suitable air conditioning system.

How Much Will the Installation Cost?

The installation cost is determined by several factors. For example, the size of the unit, the SEER ratings, the technician hired, the scope of the work, and the type of the AC system.

It is not just about the cost of the air conditioner, but everything involved until it is up and running.

The Suitable Size for Your Home

In a big home, a small air conditioner will not be ideal. You need one with more cooling power. It will not have sufficient power to serve its purpose that is the reason, the right-size must be purchased.

If your home is about 1,600-square-foot, a two-and-a-half-ton air conditioner will be ideal. It means that it can remove about 36,000 BTU (British thermal units). This is the amount of heat it removes in an hour and is sufficient for the home.

Also, consider how hot your area is and whether the basement is cooler. It will help in determining the actual size of the unit needed.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

It is a crucial factor that is a part of the installation cost. What is SEER? It is the cooling output of the system and the total electrical energy input seasonally. It rates how efficient the unit is.

The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient it is, and the higher the cost. For example, a unit with a SEER rating of 23 will be more expensive than that of 15.

Even though the initial price is high, it will save on energy bills in the long-run. The running costs are low compared to low-efficiency ones. You would rather purchase it at a high cost, rather than pay high bills to maintain it monthly.

The Air Conditioning Technician Hired

HVAC technicians have different rates based on the scope of work. Some service providers will give discounts, and this plays a part in the cost of installation.

Are breakers required in the electric panel, ductwork, and wiring? The more work there is, the higher you will pay. It will also matter whether the contractor will mount the air conditioner on a concrete pad or metal brackets.

The size of the AC is also considered. The more tons of the unit, the more you pay for the installation.

It might seem expensive to hire a technician, but you will realize it is worth every dollar. There is a lot of work and expertise required for successful fixing.

Even when you feel like you can fix it, avoid it if you are not certified.

How Quiet the Air Conditioner Is

The quieter the model, the higher the initial price. You do not want a unit that will cause sleepless nights or discomfort due to the noise it emits.

For example, if it runs over 80 decibels, this will be too noisy for your home. When relaxing on a summer afternoon or evening, this is the last thing that you need.

Some of the noises can be heard outside the house or in different rooms of the house.

For a quieter running, go for a unit that runs at 70 decibels. You will barely hear its noise. Spend a little more on purchase and avoid excessive noise.

Zones and Controls

This is another factor that influences the cost of unit installation. In some cases, multiple types of air conditioning may be required in different rooms.

If your home requires a multiple-zone air conditioner, the cost will go up. If different rooms such as the kitchen require more cooling power than the bedroom or living room, variable cooling will be ideal.

A unit that gives additional control will come in handy. An AC with a wireless thermostat gives you control over the cooling and heating system. It can also be done remotely which is a convenience for many.

The more zones there are, the higher the installation cost.

What Determines the Cost of AC Installation?

When installing an air conditioner, some things could increase the cost. An expert must evaluate the scope of the work before you can purchase the system.

If a huge amount of ductwork needs to be done, the technician will charge more. If a new thermostat is required, the installation cost will go up.

The size of the system and the technician that you hire for the work also determines the cost. Large units tend to cost more, and contractors’ rates may vary.

Keep In Mind

If your home requires a new air conditioner, first understand what will influence the installation cost. It will be easy to tell how much you can afford for the right unit.

Consider the size required, the SEER rating, the scope of work, how quiet it is, and the technician that you hire. It all boils down to these factors.

It is better to purchase the most suitable air conditioning at a high price, but you save on operation costs, and you enjoy quality.