Don’t Take It For Granite: 5 Top Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen


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Granite rules the roost when it comes to kitchen counters.

Indeed, 64% of kitchens use this awesome rock for their kitchen countertops.

Clearly, granite’s a popular choice among American homeowners. But why? With so many other materials to choose from, how come so many people continue to opt for granite counters?

We wanted to investigate.

As it turns out, there are numerous incentives for putting this versatile rock to work! Want to know what they are?

Keep on reading to discover why the granite store should be your first port of call for your kitchen.

5 Benefits of Heading to the Granite Store for Kitchen Countertops

Your new kitchen deserves the best materials. Granite countertops make the ideal kitchen accompaniment. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. It’s Durable

Granite is a tough material.

Properly installed and cared for, granite worktops have the potential to last decades in the same condition. It’s safe from knocks, drops, scratches, and all other kinds of wear and tear that kitchens commonly face up against.

2. It Looks Great

Granite is undeniably aesthetically pleasing.

There’s a luxurious element to a polished granite countertop. It shines and sparkles and elevates the aesthetic of any kitchen that uses it.

The combination of style and functionality is a major reason so many people opt for it in their homes.

3. It’s Easy to Maintain

Granite worktops require little to no maintenance once they’re fitted.

That’s thanks in part to its strength and durability. Granite doesn’t easily break, which means there’s rarely anything to repair. If it does chip, then you can easily use putty to fill the gap and restore its appearance.

Furthermore, the material cleans and wipe downs easily. Messy chef? No trouble.

4. It’s Heat Resistant

Anyone who loves to cook knows how important it is to have heatproof surfaces around.

Placing a hot pan down on non-heat resistant surfaces can leave ugly marks.

It’s akin to leaving an iron on your favorite shirt! The marks that get left behind will impact the aesthetic of your kitchen and devalue the space.

5. It’s Bacteria and Stain Resistant

Granite counters are sealed with a special coating.

The granite, alongside said seal, work together to create an impermeable work surface.

This is crucial for kitchen spaces, where liquid and food are ever-present. Well sealed, the granite won’t be damaged or stained by either. Likewise, bacteria that can sometimes build-up in kitchens is easy to clean away.

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: why the granite store should be the first port of call when choosing kitchen countertops.

Granite has been a favorite of homeowners for a long time. And, from the looks of things, that popularity isn’t dwindling any time soon! It’s for good reason, too. The advantages are numerous!

Hopefully, the information here has highlighted the top reasons your kitchen will stand to benefit from granite too.

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