Garage Repairs 101: 5 Signs That You Need Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

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Having issues with your garage door lately?

Wondering if you need a serious repair?

If you’ve started noticing that your garage door hasn’t been functioning properly or its appearance has changed, you may be in need of a repair. While you should be maintaining your garage door the best that you can, you should also be checking for the signs that you need to get professionals involved.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll list a few of the top signs that you need garage door repair.

1. The Garage Door Responds Slowly

One of the main signs that you need garage repair is if your garage door has not been responding in a timely manner.

If it takes a bit of extra time to open or close after pressing a button and the door seems unresponsive, there may be a deeper problem. There could be a connection issue in the control panel or another issue that could worsen if left unchecked.

2. The Garage Door is Stuck In Place

Another reason that you may need a repair is if your garage door seems to be stuck completely. If the door fails to move at all, then it’s a clear sign that something is wrong and that you should look into getting help.

At the most basic, your door may be stationary because something is in the way and blocking your door’s movement. However, it may also be having issues because there is an electrical malfunction in the control panel or a deeper issue.

3. Your Garage Door Has Gotten Off Track

Garage doors typically run on a track when opening and closing. If something happens to the garage door or if its rollers or lift cables experience damage, it may slide off of this track.

A garage door that is off of this track might not open and close properly. It may also become a hazard that could potentially cause harm to a vehicle or family members.

4. Excessive Noise is Coming From Your Garage Door

If your garage door is making loud grinding noises or squeaks or grumbles excessively, it may also be a sign of a deeper problem that needs to get checked out immediately. These noises are a clear sign that garage door repairs will be necessary.

Loud, grating noises could be indicative of problems with the components of your garage door such as springs, coils, or support rails.

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5. There Are Damaged Sections or Components

Other types of damage you notice besides what’s listed above may also require professional service. If you notice that any hardware on the door is missing or damaged, you may need to get it replaced.

You should also take special notice if your garage door seems uneven or if any sections of your garage door are sagging. There may be alignment issues that need to be dealt with.

Making the Decision to Get Garage Door Repair

If you notice some of the signs above in your own garage, it may be time to get serious about garage door repair. Be sure that you take care of your garage door and deal with problems sooner rather than later, since avoiding the issue may lead to further damage or more serious malfunctions.

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