4 Digital Marketing Tips For A Plumber: Grow Your Business

Plumber Digital Marketing

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When you are in the plumbing business, you might think that some of the traditional marketing methods are perfectly enough for you to grow. After all, everyone needs these services from time to time and all you have to do is sit tight and wait for a call. You can’t exactly sell these services from door to door or anything like that. It’s enough for people to have heard about you at some point in their lives, right?

You might be right to a certain extent, but plumbers definitely need their own marketing strategies in order to succeed: 13 Plumbing Marketing Ideas to Get More Business.

Thinking that digital marketing is unnecessary for these specific companies is certainly a huge mistake. Taking your business online is rather important no matter the industry you are in and plumbing is no exception to this rule. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just randomly choose and use certain aspects of online marketing while neglecting some others. Some techniques are definitely more effective for this line of business than the others, but it’s important for you to know which ones.

If you don’t take your time to do the research and understand exactly which techniques can work for you, chances are that you will just spend your time and your money on trying to advertise in a completely wrong way. That won’t bring in any customers and everybody knows that bringing customers is the ultimate goal. So, make sure to get properly informed before starting out with one digital marketing campaign or another. — Karl Hudson explains it here perfectly when recovering your traffic: “The more you research and analyze the traffic data you have, the more successful your campaigns will be.

I can understand that you might be a little bit confused about this since digital marketing is a rather broad term that encompasses far too many things and you might not know what to focus on and what to ignore. That’s why I have decided to share some useful tips with you and thus help you use digital marketing to your advantage and grow your plumbing business with its help. This business plan might be of help as well. So, let us now cut to the chase and proceed to those tips.

1. Use Local SEO

As you already know, people nowadays use the Internet whenever they want to search for something they need, even if it’s located right there in their own building. This is just the way things work in the modern world because searching online is much easier than going through phone books or something like that. This is a situation that you should not only adjust to but also use to your advantage because you will get to be the plumbing company “near me” when someone makes a search like that.

What is it, however, that you need to do in order to appear on that particular page when someone searches for plumbing services located near them? Well, for starters, you will actually have to be located near those people doing the searches, because there’s no point in deceiving anyone. Then, you will need to employ certain local SEO strategies in order to help those people find you whenever typing words like those in their browsers.

Why is this significant, though? Let me explain. When people search for plumbers located near them, chances are that they are not just getting informed, but that they actually need these services right away. When they find you among the results, you will be the one taken into consideration when they decide to hire someone. If they don’t find you this way, however, then your competitors will definitely be happy.

4 Digital Marketing Tips For A Plumber: Grow Your Business
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2. Don’t Ignore The “Google My Business” Page

If we were to draw a parallel between some old ways of searching for businesses and some new ones, then we would definitely need to compare the yellow pages to today’s Googly My Business pages. Sure, the searching part is easier, but if you aren’t listed in this directory, then you have almost no chance of getting found. Just like the old times, am I right?

The only thing is, though, that being in the directory isn’t quite enough if you want to be among the first ones to be found. What you need to do instead is optimize this page with local keywords in order for customers to find you more easily. Of course, don’t forget to add your contact information as well, so that those customers can get in touch with you easily.

3. Target Emergency Plumbing Keywords

When you think about digital marketing for plumbers, you cannot exactly fail to notice that there are certain things you need to shift your focus towards in order to succeed. For example, targeting people who don’t really need these services is not exactly a great move, since people are rarely going to write down your information and keep you in mind just in case they might end up needing you. On the contrary, people usually search for these services the moment they need them and they are highly unlikely to be ready to wait for days for you to fix their problems.

This is exactly why you should focus on targeting emergency plumbing keywords. Plumbing issues are almost always an emergency that needs to be solved right away and that’s what people will search for – someone to solve their issues right away. So, make sure to optimize your content so that you are found when people are in need of immediate assistance and then show how you can help and resolve their problems right away. By doing that, you are most likely going to gain a lot of new customers.

4. Start A Blog

Starting a blog will definitely help you be recognized as relevant by Google and thus stay among the top search results where people can find you when they need plumbing services. Of course, you shouldn’t run a blog on a completely unrelated topic and expect to be found by potential customers. To put things simply, your blog needs to feature relevant, plumbing-related, content that can increase your traffic and thus potentially attract more customers.