Factors That Affect Your High-Gloss Living Room Furniture

high gloss living room furniture

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If you have a stylish room full of high-gloss furniture, you probably do a lot to keep them in shape and ensure they are in perfect shape. Because we all know that kind of furniture’s value rests in it looking appealing and new, and without those qualities, your living room will look lackluster and your friends and family won’t be impressed with it. However, even if most homeowners take extra care of the furniture, it doesn’t mean they are always doing it in the most effective way possible. This article aims to bring attention to the overlooked factors that might go into determining how clean and well-maintained your furniture is.

1. It’s the Sun

While the sun isn’t busy damaging our skin and giving us cancer, it is hard at work helping the furniture in our homes deteriorate. Direct sunlight is extremely damaging to the furniture, especially if it’s made of expensive materials like leather. Placing furniture in places where it’ll be directly exposed to sunlight for prolonged amounts of time will decrease its lifespan by years, not to mention you’ll quickly see the gloss and color gone from it.

That’s why you need to always consider the design of your rooms and how much direct sunlight each piece of furniture goes through each day. Don’t be afraid to completely redesign your home if it means you’ll protect your expensive furniture – it is worth it in the long run.

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2. Humidity and Air Conditioning

Humidity is the natural enemy of furniture – it dampens the material and exposes it to more damage. Not to mention it creates the perfect environment for bacteria that will also help deteriorate sofas and couches.

Humidity in the winter can be dealt with by having a house that is well-insulated – to that end, before each winter comes, make sure all windows and doors can be properly sealed and there’s no place that humid winter air can come into the house from. This will not only save your furniture but also save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

In the summer, air conditioning might turn the air damp and with it expose your furniture to further damage. Make sure you’re properly controlling the humidity throughout the summer.

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3. The Quality of the Cleaning Products You’re Using

When you have high-gloss living room furniture, you can’t go cheap on cleaning material. The first thing you need to do is read whatever manual that comes with your furniture and make sure you’re not using cleaners that have ingredients that actively damage the materials. Other than that, for the special furniture in your home, make sure you always use expensive, quality cleaners.

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4. Unconscious Bad Habits

Sometimes, our own habits can cause the most damage to our furniture, and the only thing you can do to fix that is to be mindful of those habits and slowly change them:

  • It’s quite common to order a pizza and just sit down on the couch and eat it – it is not just pizza, however, the couch is increasingly becoming the most used place for eating and drinking. This makes it highly likely you’ll drop some food or spill some liquid on your furniture, and no matter how quickly and thoroughly you clean it or what product you use, it’ll still damage done to your furniture.
  • There are little unconscious things we do that damage our furniture – like for example, sitting at the same spot on the couch every time. This habit, in particular, will reduce a couch’s life by a year or two and make it lose its aesthetic appeal very quickly. You need to keep your way of using your furniture in mind and be more mindful of it.