5 Kitchen Trends That You Will Be Seeing Everywhere This Year

Kitchen Trends

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The interior designing industry is continuously evolving and every now and then we witness some new trends that never fall short in astonishing us. This year 2022 also brought you a list of trends that you will be seeing everywhere. People who always like to stay in style need to check out these trends to remain at the top of their styling game.

When it comes to interior designing, styling is one of the very important aspects that help you reflect your personalized sense of design while also making the best out of the space. Each room in your house needs a custom design to be able to function at its very best. While designing their home according to the trends, many people tend to forget about the kitchen as they believe it doesn’t need any styling.

However, if you think the same, then you couldn’t be more wrong. With appropriate styling and designing, you can improve the efficiency of your kitchen effectively while making it a harmonious space for your everyday cooking endeavors. With that being said, here are some of the latest Toronto kitchen renovation trends of 2022 that you will be seeing everywhere this year:

1. Lighting Makes Everything Seem Bigger and Better

Imagine a dim kitchen. Not very happening right? This is because lighting plays an important role in making everything seem appealing and better. Whether it is natural or artificial, plenty of lighting should always be a part of your kitchen. This is the very reason why people install lots of windows in their kitchen to have the maximum amount of sunlight in their kitchen.

It is not only important to make things appear better and bigger but it also helps you to boost your mood and productivity. Plenty of lighting is related to having a positive mood in any setting.

2. Custom Cabinets Are the New-in

Cabinetry makes up a major part of your kitchen cabinets and therefore it is necessary to focus on their design to achieve your desired functionality and styling the kitchen. Custom cabinets seem to be the latest trend in the industry that is being popularized all around the world.

It helps you reflect your personalized taste in the kitchen while maintaining the highest level of quality and functionality. They allow you to utilize maximum space and no wonder why they are being preferred by every homeowner.

3. Eclectic Materials Are the Way to Go

It’s finally time to say goodbye to age-old traditional materials that we have been using extensively till now. It is now time for unique mixes of some metals, woods, and composites that you can integrate seamlessly into your kitchen to match the overall design of your home. Some of the popular styles are unique natural stone, colorful quartz countertops, mixed metals, warm woods, and oxidized metals.

4. How Kitchens Are Evolving to Accommodate the Everyday Chaos

Ever since the pandemic, we are more in our homes than ever. It has also cemented the role of the kitchen as the heart of our home. It is not just a space for cooking meals anymore, but it has become a venue for entertaining, having chit chats with your family members, having zoom calls, being a workstation, etc. Basically, it has settled deeper in our routine with the whole work from home culture.

To accommodate these needs, now people are opting for a sitting area attached to their kitchen where family members can hang out or often work. Having tall chairs with a designated countertop for having meals and working is the new-in in the industry.

5. Colors Are Getting Bolder

You may have noticed dark green or emerald green colors in the latest Toronto kitchen renovation design layouts more frequently than before. It is because bold colors are now the latest trends in kitchen design especially the ones that include green. The all-white or beige kitchen is not a style trend anymore as people are now more interested in having a bolder look for their kitchen.