6 DIY Money-Saving Tips For Dog Parents

Tips For Dog Parents

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It’s always nice to have a furry friend in your home, but dogs can quickly become expensive.

This makes sense because you need to care for their every need, so you may want to find some ways to save money as you take care of your dog. Luckily, we have six money-saving tips that you can use to make dog parenting economical without sacrificing your fur- baby’s needs, just keep in mind the lifetime cost of a dog.

1. Be A Smart Shopper

Create a monthly budget for your pup so you can keep track of all your spending and avoid getting over the limit. Buy only what’s necessary and avoid that urge to collect things that might just sit in the lonely corner of your home.

When shopping, take the time to look around, even online, so you can compare prices and perhaps, you might come across a sale or freebies. If possible, always buy in bulk, too, it will cost you less money overall. Consider joining a subscription service such as Chewy.com and save up to 40% on your favorite pet food brands.

Dog Budget Planner

2. Use Your Old Clothes

Many people will throw away their old or worn-out clothes without a second thought. However, these articles of clothing can help you to save a bit of money on your pooch. For example, if you have a thick piece of clothing that you can’t wear anymore, then you can use it as a towel for your dog.

You can also make DIY tug toys using old shirts or socks. It’s a creative way to get more use of clothes scraps and you may never have to spend much money on toys again.

3. DIY Treats

Making your own treats may not be as convenient as buying commercial products. However, finding a solid recipe with few ingredients and customizing it based on the need of your fur baby to avoid any allergen is not just cost-effective in the long run but healthier as well. You can also use some fruits and vegetables for your pet as a tasty and healthy snack.

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4. Make Your Own Dog Bedding

You can transform your old drawer, old tire or a suitcase and make it into a cozy bed for your mutt. For the padding, you can use a couple of square yards of any fabric and some filling materials or just use a pillow and get to work.

5. Get Dog Insurance

It’s not fun to think about, but your dog could end up in an accident or face an illness unexpectedly. When this happens, a visit to the vet could cost you lots of money to get the care that your canine needs to survive. It is advisable to buy dog insurance to cover your pup’s medical needs.

Not just that, you could save money through purchasing dog insurance in the long run because you will be able to afford regular veterinary check-ups that will keep them healthy. Are you on the lookout for the best deal on dog insurance without the hassle of reimbursement? To find the best fit for you and your dog check out The Pampered Pup.

6. Handle Their Grooming Needs

Grooming is a tricky subject for our favorite hairy animal since many puppies won’t want you to go near them with a razor or nail trimmers. Since some hounds can be problematic when it comes to haircuts, nail trimming and baths, some owners will pay a groomer to do it for them. However, this will cost you way more money than if you did it on your own.

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You can easily purchase a grooming kit online for a reasonable price and use it to keep your dog clean. Make sure that you purchase hair clippers and nail trimmers so you can take care of your mutt. You can also get nail grinders instead if you’re worried about harming your pooch when you need to trim its nails.

As for a bath, you will need to invest some money into shampoo and conditioner. Remember that dogs need to have their own cleaning products, but they will still cost less money than paying a groomer to give your pup a bath. Once you have the supplies, you can either bathe your canine outside, in the tub or even in the sink if you have a small puppy.

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While dogs can be expensive pets to take care of, you can always look for simple ways to save some money. These tips will make a difference in the long run and many of them will require some effort on your part. However, as you put forth that extra work for your pup, you will end up saving some money while caring for your furry friend.