Where Does Dust Come From in an Empty House?

Where Does Dust Come From in an Empty House?

At Domestication Bedding we know that the actual volume, in terms of the pace of accumulation, depends on quite a few variables, such as the urban conditions of the property.

Apartments throughout the highly urbanized areas of your classic megalopolis accumulate way more dirt and dust, especially those in near proximity of busy roads.

City apartments are dirtier than suburban properties because of the increased amount of pollution coming in from outside.

That’s the variable of “incoming pollution” and it’s the source for over 50% of all household dust. Rumor has it that the average urban apartment can generate up to 40 pounds of dirt per year!

Imagine how living next to (or above) a busy road in the center of a busy city will compare to living in a suburban neighborhood where the terrace type of houses dominate? Or where does dust come from in an empty house if there’s nobody living there?

The Worst Places in a Property to Accumulate Dirt

“Carpets, kitchens (particularly ovens), and windows are the top three areas where dirt accumulates the most in the average household, where the exterior of windows gets the most intensive exposure to airborne dirt, and children plus pets turn rugs to mess,” comments professional property acquisition expert Paul Gibbens.

In our humble but expert experience, the main reason for that is the high-end techniques required to properly handle each of those areas, i.e.

  • High-end hot water extraction carpet cleaning requires a specialized unit that does not fit in the average budget, not to mention maintenance. Even if you’re using a stain-resistant carpet, it’ll still gather and hold tons of dust and heavy dirt particles.
  • The specialized dip tank oven cleaning service requires both the know-how and tools to dismantle an oven, a specialized tank for oven racks and doors to fit and soak, as well as the specialized eco-friendly detergents. Using lemons to clean it is one thing, but high-end dismantle-rinse-and-reassemble service stands for state-of-the-art results.
  • Most often than not, cleaning hard-to-reach external windows requires specialized gear, such as the pole and water pump combo or custom robot units. This is a chore that one has to do only a few times a year, where improvements such as blinds can further reduce the volume of dirt reaching your home.

We will try to elaborate further on carpet cleaning in particular, as we feel it’s important to shed more light on why carpets are one of the top areas of accumulating dirt and thus endangering health.

People Have a Hard Time to Fully Clean Carpets & Rugs

The most common (and affordable) way that most use to clean is your regular vacuum cleaner. The low to middle-class units such as portable carpet cleaners that most people buy can only suck in so much.

The fine-grain result comes down to the actual power of suction, and most off-the-shelf units just don’t have enough to fully remove dirt. That’s why professionals offer the next best solution, and that is hot water extraction (HWE), but more on that below.

Usage of Steam & Vacuum Cleaners

However, regular steam cleaners do not remove allergens such as dust mites, but only suppress those for a short period of time.

dust mite

By CSIRO, CC BY 3.0 from Wikipedia

These units do not remove the organic mass left behind… Which is far from a real solution. That’s another reason that helps dirt accumulate over time.

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Hot Water Extraction (HWE) for Fabrics

The best way to get rid of the wide range of accumulated dirt (skin leftovers, dust, other heavy particles, etc.) in your carpet is hot water extraction (HWE). The technique of HWE removes up to 95% of moisture along with grime, dust mite leftovers, dust itself, other heavy particles, hair, human skin, etc. allergens that cause the suffering of people like me.

Of course, there are delicate fabrics that do not allow the usage of HWE and that’s where the specialized dry cleaning powder comes in. The concept is similar, but rather than water, we use dry chem powder that binds to allergen particles and the mixture gets sucked at later on.

How Does Dirt Affect Our Health?

If you suffer from allergies, carpets should be properly washed at least once every 3 months, while some do it twice a month.

Moms who’ve done c-section and have booked a regular hot water extraction (HWE) treatment each end every month.

* Peculiar fact: Children born via c-section are far more likely to develop allergies over time or even trigger such.

If you suffer from asthma caused by a dust allergy, you may show more intensive symptoms such as trouble with breathing, heavy chest tightness, and irritating wheezing.

A good practice is to bring natural scents to your home right after cleaning. Essential oils made from citruses such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits do a great job with cleaning and sanitization, comments decades-in-experience essential oils manufacturer Galen-N. Take aromatherapy a step further and mix your DIY dust spray with lavender, rose oil, cinnamon, or tea tree, as nothing compliments a freshly-cleaned room as a gentle blend of natural scents.

Facts About Dust

Humanity fights dirt and dust at home since the dawn of time with questions that always bother: What percentage of dust is dead skin? How much dust is in the air? What is dust composed of besides human skin and pet fur? Where does dust come from? What is there to know about improving air quality at home?

Here are some of the less-known facts and actual uses of dust (yes, there are uses to it):

  • The invention of the first vacuum cleaner happens in 1901. It was of immense size and ran on gasoline. It often required more than one horse to transport the entire wagon.
  • The average person might shed anywhere from a half-pound to 2 pounds of dead skin cells a year… maybe more.
  • The average US property accumulates up to 40 pounds of dust and dirt over the course of a year.
  • Popular info labels dust as 80% made from dead leftovers from skin and fur, but for most of it, that’s pollen, fabrics shedding, paper fibers, soil, and even cosmic dust.
  • People think that dust allergies are because of dust, but it’s actually dust mites that trigger reactions. These pests can breed in the millions, as it takes a gram of dirt to harbor dust mites in the hundreds.
  • Lighter particles could float airborne up to a week before one lands on a hard surface.
  • More than 770 million tons of dirt and dust come from the Sahara desert and spread throughout the entire world.
  • More than 5 tons of dust and dirt clouds travel the atmosphere per year. It can and does affect the levels of rain, heat, cooling, and is closely monitored by NASA officials. Rain and snow both have dust particles inside.
  • Dust in the atmosphere aids clouds in condensate and thus forms rain.
  • More than 40, 000 tons of dust come to planet Earth from outer space.
  • Dust in the atmosphere absorbs blue and green specters of light, leaving the warm and beautiful colors of sunrise and sunset.
  • Compared to the 100-microns wide human hair, dust chunks measure from 1 to 15 microns in diameter. These particles can easily get stuck in our lungs and nasal areas.
  • Small amounts of dust can cause heavy respiratory and even cancerous conditions if you’re exposed to it for a longer period of time. It takes no more than the weight of a dime to get one ill.
  • Dust also helps with solving crimes, like fingerprints, and other proofs get sealed in time.
  • Dust from certain metals has explosive characteristics, such as fireworks, matches, and bombs.

Sources, Composition, Effects of Dust – Final Words

The process of dust building up is something we can’t stop and have to tackle daily, as the effects and risks to health are here to stay, especially during these turbulent times of respiratory viruses circling the globe.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Leather Sofa

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Leather Sofa

Leather is the choicest material when it comes to sofa and other household furniture. The reason for this is not far-fetched, as leather is an aesthetically pleasing material, which is timeless and very durable. Another important quality of the leather is that it is quite easy to clean. However, like every other material, it is crucial to clean leather upholstery cleaning properly to preserve its quality and ensure its durability. Below are five important steps on how to clean a leather sofa.

Required Tools to Clean Your Leather Sofa

Some important tools are needed to get the best result after cleaning.

  • Gentle Soap
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Soft Cloths
  • White Vinegar
  • Leather Cream

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The Cleaning Process

The five steps to clean your leather sofa in the best way are as follows:

  • Wipe Any Physical Dirt Away: The first step is to pick and wipe any dirt on the sofa. This could include crumbs, food particles as well as liquid substances on the surface of the sofa. The purpose of this is to avoid rubbing this dirt into the sofa and causing a permanent stain. The brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner is a good option to wipe down dirt from your leather sofa. A soft piece of clothing will also get the job done. Heinz All-Natural Distilled White Vinegar, 5% Acidity, 16 Fl Ounce (1 Pint)
  • Make A Cleaning Solution: When it comes to cleaning leather furniture, it is best to use a mild cleaning solution for the best result. This is why a cleaning solution made with household products is a great option. With mild soap, warm water and white vinegar, you can create an effective cleaning solution for your leather sofa. Mix white vinegar and warm water of equal quantity into a spray bottle. Add a few drops of mild soap to the solution, and you have the perfect cleaning solution.
  • Test Your Cleaning Solution: The next thing to do, after creating the cleaning solution is to test its effectiveness. Do this, by applying the solution to a small section of the leather sofa. If it takes stains out with no discoloration, then you are good to go.
  • Clean The Entire Leather Sofa Using A Soft Cloth: Cleaning the leather sofa properly is the next step to take. To do this, you need your cleaning solution, as well as two pieces of cloth. One of the clothes will be used to clean the sofa, while the other for drying. When cleaning, be sure to not get too much water on the cloth to avoid soaking the sofa. Clean the sofa from top to bottom, moving your hand in a firm but gentle motions.
  • Apply Leather Cream: Leather cream serves as a conditioner, restoring your sofa to its original supple state. Apply your leather cream, after cleaning the sofa for the best result. It should be noted that leather cream is meant to be used only once in six months.

Weiman 3 in 1 Deep Leather Conditioner Cream (2 Pack) - Restores Leather Surfaces - Use on Leather Furniture, Car Seats, Shoes, Bags, Jackets, Saddles

Hiring a professional service to clean your leather sofa is also a reliable option.

How to Buy the Best Reverse Osmosis Filter System

How to Buy the Best Reverse Osmosis Filter System

It has become riskier not to filter and purify the water you use in your home. Cases of cancer-causing chemicals and minerals have been reportedly found in water, in different states. This just emphasizes the importance of buying a water filtration system.

In the market, there are multiple types, brands, and designs, all of which come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. A reverse osmosis filter system has been deemed one of the best ways to ensure cleaner, healthier water for consumption. Even so, there are multiple types and models.

In this guide, you are going to learn the benefits of choosing reverse osmosis water filtration, and the factors you need to consider to buy the best reverse osmosis system. Read on.

Why Reverse Osmosis

Before we dive into the factors you should consider while choosing a reverse osmosis filter system, here is why you should consider a reverse osmosis system in the first place;

It is Deemed one of the Best

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, the fact that reverse osmosis is one of the most recommended water filter systems automatically gives it a pass. This system has been used for a little over a decade and is a tried and tested system approved by experts and professionals.

It does more than just filtering water; it offers a number of benefits all in one, including improving taste, purifiers, water softens hard water, improves the smell of your water, and more.

Get Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier Water

From removing all hard water-causing minerals, harmful contaminants, dust and particles, and other harmful chemicals and bacteria Reverse osmosis is a trusted process designed to provide better, healthier water all around.

This is not only for your tap water but also bottled water, which is essentially filtered but still contains some minerals and contaminants. Some of these contaminants removed by the reverse osmosis systems include bacteria, viruses, lead, mercury, nitrates, and particulates.

Unlimited Supply of Water that Smells and Taste Better

If you are hosting many guests, or for some reason, you need more filtered water, a RO system is such a great deal. Instead of having to purchase multiple single bottled water, you can rest easy knowing you have clean, healthy, and high-quality water to consume.

Saves you Money

There are many ways in which a RO system will save you money. First, buying bottled water may seem cheaper than making a big investment to purchase a whole water filter system. But in the long run, it costs more for the need of having to run to the store every day or week to get water to use.

You also have access to an endless supply of clean water and don’t have to worry about running out of bottled water in the house. You probably just use bottled water for drinking but still consume unfiltered tap water through food and soup. With an ROI system, you have clean water not only for drinking but also for cooking.

Factors of Buying the Best Reverse Osmosis Filter System 

There are many factors that will determine which type of RO system you get. Check them out below;

Water Supply

Where your water is coming from will determine the type of system you get. There are two types of water supplies; city water and well water. For urban areas, you probably are getting water from one of the water treatment plants in the city. This is usually treated and may have less contaminants.

On the other hand, rural areas mostly use well water. This may have higher contamination consisting of bacteria, living micro-orgasms, and viruses. This requires a higher level filtration system, like a UV light sterilizer system.

Water Pressure 

This is one of the crucial elements that affect how a reverse osmosis system works. Usually, an RO system uses more pressure to push water through the membrane. You therefore must meet the pressure requirements, for you to be able to efficiently use a Reverse Osmosis system.

Filtration Quality

There are many factors that may affect filtration quality. This includes the different companies and brands, technology differences, and more. Apart from the main filter in the Reverse Osmosis system, there are pre-filters and post-filters that are also contributing factors to the effectiveness of the system.

Most companies claim to remove up to 99% of contaminants. It is therefore important to test the effectiveness and quality of the system yourself. You can do this by measuring the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Also, make sure to check the certifications and make sure they are approved.

Budget vs. Price

You not only want to make a budget for the purchase of your filtration system but also the maintenance. You also want to make sure that your budget matches the prices in the market. The initial cost of the system is usually straightforward and is not hard to determine a budget for it.

Keep in mind that maintenance, repairs, replacements, and other faulty costs will also occur along the way as well as your ability to take care of these faults.

Can Pressure Washing Really Give Your Property a New Look?

Can Pressure Washing Really Give Your Property a New Look?

Pressure washing is the best and most efficient method used to clean not only your house’s exteriors but also a diverse range of surfaces. Pressure washing can clean up all the dirt mixed up with algae and grime and make your house look as clean as new!

A vast range of pressure washing tools and machines are available in the market for residential and commercial users. All of them use some form of energy to generate power, but the process remains the same.

Usually in a few hours you can wash your driveway, house siding, fence, deck/patio and garage. You can even clean your roof, but only in some cases, depending on the roof’s materials (note that when it comes to roof cleaning the most common technique is soft washing).

Don’t have a pressure washing machine? You have 3 choices, rent one, buy a cheap one from one of the big stores or hire professional services. Realistically all of these 3 scenarios are very cost effective. It all deepened on your goal and desire to get involved in the process. Ok let’s get to the nitty gritty.

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

A motor creates pressure to pump and speed up the water out of the nozzle. Water is released with an enormous force which cleans all the dirt with it. The amount of water usage can vary, usually it all depends on the pressure level and the condition of the surfaces you are washing. Cleaning becomes fast this way, as the pressure is a lot and sweeps away everything.

Other Things You Need to Know

The nozzle is used at the end of the pump to control water pressure. The pressure washer nozzles adjust the direction and speed of water flow. It allows a quick solution for users to reach greater distances by adjusting the angle. Angles determine the force applied to water before it is pumped out. The smaller the angle, creates more pressure and the more dangerous to use!

Special soaps and detergents are mixed with water to scrub off the dirt. Usually, that dirt is in place for months or maybe years, and it is impossible to clean it with water only. However, if you are unaware of which chemicals to use, then avoid using them at all. Or maybe it’s better to hire a pressure washing service provider like washing service Chicago Racoons who knows what they are doing.

How Can Anyone Ignore Benefits?

Dust and mud have a way of making themselves stick to the surfaces. Simple washing forgoes the sticky grime that’s accumulated on the different surfaces due to external environmental factors. That’s where pressure washing comes into work. It makes sure these mucky things are washed off and your deck or roof is squeaky clean.

  • Keeps your family safe
  • Restore the “new” look
  • Saves time
  • Saves money maintenance
  • It makes cleaning a lot easier

Traditional cleaning methods require effort and are time-consuming. On the contrary, pressure washing gets the job done while you watch all the dirt disappear. Why give your joints and back a hard time when you can get it all done with the technology? Pressure washing keeps your family safe from harmful contaminants present in dirt. Moreover, it keeps the clean look of your house preserved and attracts potential buyers if you are looking to sell.

People believe pressure washing is costly. Well, that’s a big misconception. Pressure washing costs less than any money you spend on home improvement. To find out the truth, you can check out pressure washing services costs from some of your local providers.

7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Into a Home You Love

7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Into a Home You Love

Spring is one of the loveliest weathers of them all. The birds start to return and start chirping, trees and plants get filled with colors, and so many more. The days also become bigger with the sun all bright and shiny. Everything feels so energetic, doesn’t it?

Spring is also a great time to give your house an excellent clean-up to provide it with a more winsome look. But with all the work to be done, where should you begin from? So here are seven excellent tips from Glimmr home cleaning to make your spring cleaning super enjoyable and easy.

Tip 1: Welcome Warm Weather

Spring is the beginning of the end of cold winter. Now that the temperature is better, you can bring out all the fun activity stuff that you put away for the cold. It’s time to bring out your sports equipment, grills, lawnmowers, and so on. You are cleaning them up and seeing if any maintenance is necessary.

Tip 2: Put Away Winter Wears

You must have used many warm outfits to keep you warm during the winter. Leather or wool jackets, gloves, heavy boots, and so many that might be taking a lot of necessary space. So time to put them in the closet and bring the colorful cozy outfits in front.

Tip 3: Start Decluttering

Spring is here with longer sunny days for you to be more productive. The longer days are fantastic for cleaning up your house. But while cleaning, would it feel good if you come across clutters and distractions in your home? Probably not. So, before you jump into cleaning, put away all the small items like magazines, toys. Also, dispose of the ones that are no longer needed.

Tip 4: Gear Up Before Diving

Cleaning becomes much more accessible and efficient when you use different tools. But would it not be tiresome if you can’t find the devices amid your work? So before you dive into your work, gather them all and carry them with you as you work.

Tip 5: First Dust, Then Vacuum

Are you planning to use your viscous vacuum cleaner to suck away all the dust? Before you start with that, the first thing you should do is dust the whole place with a broom or a brush. You can clean the baseboard and the ceiling fans easily this way. As most of the extra dust will fall on the ground, you can later remove them with your trusty vacuum cleaner for good.

Tip 6: Watch The Window

The winter is the most incredible time for your windows to get dirty with all those spots and debris. So when you clean, be sure to include the windows in your to-do list.

Tip 7: Game With A Gang

Cleaning the house can be a whole lot of fun if you can do it with more people. You can include your family members or friends to help you clean up. This will not only be enjoyable but also much more efficient.

Final Thoughts

Spring is a beautiful time when the nature around you takes a new bright look. So why not give your house a contemporary makeover by cleaning and decorating to make it more lovable. But this Spring cleaning can be tricky unless you follow the tips, I just gave you. So, Let’s get on with it!

4 Tips for Finding the Best Furniture Removal Service

4 Tips for Finding the Best Furniture Removal Service

We all know the feeling when you move out of your old apartments into a brand new home. It’s pretty exciting – until you have to start thinking about furniture removal services. Now, your old bedroom set won’t fit in your new home, or maybe you just want to trade up for a better one. Regardless of your situation, you have to find a dependable furniture removal service that will get it done for cheap.

1. Professional Movers

Hiring a professional to assist you with moving your furniture interstate is another way you can make your move as stress-free and straightforward as possible. Many people underestimate the amount of work involved in moving furniture because they fail to consider that they are not just moving their furniture but also selecting and buying new pieces, bringing items up or down flights of stairs, and ensuring all items are stored away safely. If you add in lifting heavy furniture and boxes, it can be an extremely tiring process, even if you have a few friends helping you out. Epping Furniture Removals – Get ‘n’ Go Removals are experts in relocating furniture, personal belongings, and more.

2. Shop Around

Given the current state of the moving market, you are likely looking for a great deal on your next move. If you are, then one of the main things you should focus on is getting quotes from a number of different furniture removal companies. These companies will serve as your initial movers for your big day, and it is important to shop around to find the most efficient and cost-effective option that will work for your budget.

These professionals remove thousands of items in a world filled with challenges to the delivery and location of items. You can’t just hire the first company who gives you a cheap quote, as this is likely bad advice. Furniture removal companies have different policies regarding insurance and damage to your items, so it’s up to you to create a list of quotes from different companies.

3. Get Help

It may sound strange to suggest getting professional help with your removalist. After all, it’s moving, and most people are going to do this kind of prep work themselves. But if you don’t have the knack for packing delicate items gently or the time to make sure everything is wrapped properly, then it’s in your best interest that you turn to professionals.

4. Get Insurance

It is an unquestionable fact that moving interstate costs a lot of money. Some of the major factors which influence the price are the distance and your choice of packing materials. Since long-distance movers charge per hour, it becomes very important to get everything ready on your own so you can save time. Yet, even with all the efforts we make, there is always a risk or damage to furniture from scratches to getting broken during the move. If your home is new to you, then make sure to get insurance from your insurance firm against any form of damage caused by the removalist.