4 Ways You Can Add More Natural Elements In Your Kitchen

4 Ways You Can Add More Natural Elements In Your Kitchen

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Incorporating versatile and functional natural elements in your kitchen has an organic, calming and peaceful effect on your overall mood. Plants, natural stone countertops, solid wood cabinets and earthy tones of paint are all elements that add a natural touch to your kitchen. Using these natural elements in alignment with your and your home’s style is something that is necessary! Otherwise it can quickly go from feeling of calmness to feeling of chaos.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we are here with 4 ideas that will help add natural elements in your kitchen while keeping it contemporary and modern:

1. Brighten Your Kitchen With Earthy Colors

Your home décor reflects your personal taste. And in the kitchen, you get to have plenty of stuff that can be organized the way you like it. If you’re going for a neutral theme calming kitchen, match your kitchen floor’s color with countertops. The suggested colors are white, beige, powder pink and gray. If you want to bring forest-y vibes in your kitchen, then go for a dark floor, neutral countertop and green colored cabinets (You can read more about matching kitchen floors with countertops here).

For faucets and fixtures, bronze and metallic elements would do the job. Your color palette choice would be the most important in engaging the natural look of the kitchen.

2. Incorporate Wood & Stone

Incorporating wood or stone or both gives a naturally cohesive and tailored look to your kitchen. The natural stone along with distressed wood and rock wall mosaics render the rustic yet luxurious look. Wooden floors have been trendy for decades now but recently, the wooden ceilings have taken the kitchen style by storm. The wide rustic planks give a gentle touch to your concrete walls and bring the illusion of the outdoors inside. The vibrant stones with the streamlined waterfall edges actuate modernism in your kitchen. Don’t fear the mixed styles and popped out colors overflowing with natural lights in your space.

3. Plants, Plants & Some More Plants

With some wooden crates, bolted baskets, or plain bottles, plant a herb garden in your kitchen to add some color and life. Install a large window for some bright sunlight. To complement your contemporary theme, install french doors or french windows to flood the dining area of your open-plan kitchen.

Coming back to plants, the popular choices are cactus or succulent and fiddle leaf fig. Use them as a tabletop centerpiece or as a hanging ornament by the window. It purifies your inside air, gives warmth to your place, and brings a natural and healthy feel to your interior. Combine the décor of flowers with a slate waterfall in your kitchen or a tabletop fountain giving it the amazing touch of a waterfall indoors.

4. Opt For Natural Furniture

To add to the transitional vibes of your kitchen, invest in wooden cabinets, shelving units, dining tables, and chairs. To incorporate your personal taste in it, get all-natural unfinished pieces and put on your favorite weathering and finishing on it. For large families, a hutch and a farmhouse buffet of quality wood are good enough to channelize the nature inside. You can also get your hand on wooden utensils that are more cost-effective and durable than other forms of cooking utensils.

Incorporating natural elements and material gives an instant sprucing to your kitchen. There are tons of other ways to introduce nature to your kitchen. You may opt for fresh flowers, handcrafted wooden decorated pots, natural lights, grasscloths, skylights, pebbles, or a carved-stone sink. Create a natural look in your kitchen and let in the relaxed and calm nature in your indoors.