Smart Design Solutions for a Smaller Bedroom

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A bedroom should be our personal retreat and ideally, it should have enough space for all our belongings so we could feel relaxed and comfortable. However, many people are faced with small spaces, so coming up with an ideal décor can be challenging.

There should be enough storage and space so the room can be functional and practical, but it should be designed in such a way that it doesn’t take away from the overall appeal. One solution is space saving ideas that incorporate storage into the existing elements, but there are still ways you can add decorative pieces to make a small bedroom chic and stylish.

Utilize the ceiling

Small bedrooms don’t offer a lot of surface, so you need to turn to the most underutilized of them all – the ceiling. By hanging decorative pieces from the ceiling, the attention will go up and create an illusion of more volume. Instead of traditional bedside lamps, suspend pendants from the ceiling. It will eliminate the clutter below and open up the space upward. They come in all shapes and sizes, so by choosing a metallic orb or delicate crystals, you’ll turn an ordinary room into a classy abode.

In the same way, you can opt for window drapery that starts high from the ceiling and adds length and volume, so the room appears larger. If you feel that this will close up the room, abandon drapery completely and go for simple shutters. This type of internal window furnishings has become a very popular and effective way to add elegance and structure to your room. They are both very functional and eye-catching and come in various materials and finishes. For instance, the pros who install plantation shutters in Sydney offer appealing custom-made products that will become a bold statement piece in your bedroom and give it a unique look.  

Add floating elements

You can’t avoid bringing in furniture in your bedroom, as you need a large, comfy bed, but you can go creative with other elements. To achieve a lighter, airier feel, install floating bedside tables on the wall. In that way, furniture items will seem to merge into the surroundings and give a more streamlined look. This will also give you more room underneath for a stylish basket that can hold more things, and if you also add a few floating bookshelves, you’ll have several elements that tie in well together and create a unified look.

Create a feature wall

Most people make their bed the star of the room and it can work in small bedrooms as well, but you could also opt to direct the attention to the wall behind it. It gives you much more surface and space to express your personality and creativity. There are many ways you create a feature wall, from painting it in vibrant colours, doing a mural, making a picture gallery wall, creating a unique headboard or putting up a stylish wallpaper.

Rethink your doors

In small rooms, doors can obstruct free flow and movement, so it’s a clever trick to replace the traditional doors with an alternative design. It could be a pocket door, sliding doors or a stylish folding type. Any of those options is a great way to eliminate the wide swing traditional doors make, so you’ll have more room to move about.

To add more function to your bedroom door, you can consider replacing the full panels with frosted glass that will bring in more light, or mirrors that will create an illusion of a bigger space.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent design tool for small bedrooms not only on doors, but all around the room. There are no strict rules limiting their position, so you can place them strategically in places where you feel they’ll be most functional. For instance, long, rectangular mirrors above floating bedside tables will add a more vertical dimension to the room, mirrored closet doors will make the room seem larger and multiple mirrors in various shapes and sizes on a wall can be a unique work of art that will reflect light and make the room brighter.

A small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the style, it only means you need to be more creative in design. Hopefully, tips listed here will help you decorate a stylish little bedroom haven.