Spice Up Your Living Room: How to Decorate With a Persian Rug


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Has your home decor been looking stale lately?

Adding even one new item like a Persian rug can shake things up. With a new focal piece, it will feel like you have a totally new living room. 

Not sure if this kind of rug will work with your aesthetic? Actually, these pieces can fit with all sorts of styles. You just need to know how to decorate with them! 

Are you looking to add a Persian rug to your living room? Then check out this guide to learn how to decorate with a Persian rug.

Match the Room’s Color Palette to Your Rug

Within authentic Persian rugs, there is the one dominate color that you notice when you first look at it. But if you look closer, the pattern includes all sorts of additional accent colors. 

The best way to design around your rug is to use it to create a detailed color palette. 

Don’t overwhelm your space by trying to match your furniture to the rug’s dominate color. Instead, pull a secondary color and match bigger items to that. 

When you’re adding the finishing touches to the room, you can match to the dominant color. Throw pillows, knick-nacks, and wall art in that color will pull the whole room together. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Contrasting Patterns

The hallmark of a Persian rug is, of course, its busy pattern. But don’t let that keep you from decorating the rest of the room with other patterns. 

Contrasting patterns look chic and adventurous. But don’t just start throwing things together willy-nilly. There is an art to it! 

If you’re nervous, start small with patterned accents. But for those who want to go all out, there are some things to keep in mind when pattern mixing

Consider keeping within one color palette. Mixing colors and patterns in one space can end up looking garish.

It also helps if patterns are on a similar scale. Meaning, designs within the pattern are the same sizes.

Get the Right Sized Rug

Sizing also matters for your rug. When you’re shopping for your Persian rug, don’t just eyeball it and assume it will fit your living room just right. 

Instead, before you even hit the interior design store, measure the dimensions of your room. Then, find a rug that is two to three feet smaller than that size.

The point of a rug is to pull the room together and make it feel complete. To do that, the rug should be a direct reflection of the size of the room. A small rug that just sits under the coffee table won’t make the impact you’re looking for. 

Decorating Your Home with a Persian Rug: The Takeaway

Persian rugs are a timeless and versatile piece, so they’re worthy of the investment. No matter how often you change the decor in your home, your rug will still look great. 

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