Steps to Follow To Replace Your Aurora Windows

Aurora Windows

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After considering the cost of hiring a professional to replace your Aurora windows, you have decided to go a DIY route. The process of replacing your doors and windows is not different from what experts do, but it is filled with a lot of uncertainties and red alerts. However, with the right knowledge and some experience, you can accomplish it with fewer struggles and within the right time.

This guide will come in handy during your DIY project. Let it extinguish some home renovation myths that a homeowner cannot carry out Aurora windows replacements. In any case, you don’t have to incur high cost charged by window installers if you can do it yourself.

1. Get The Right Style Of Window

The first step to replacing your Aurora windows is determining which style to use in your home. There are so many window styles out there, and you don’t have to use the same style of window you have right now.

If the opening is not in good condition, you may want to consider new construction windows that come with fins. These fins allow the window to be fixed firmly against the outside of the structure.

There are various types of window replacement you can opt for, depending on the state of the existing window. You can consider full-frame, pocket or insert window replacement.

2. Get The Correct Dimension Of The Window

The success of your windows will partly depend on the measurements. This ensures that you acquire the right windows that will fit well in the existing opening without forcing them or having to cut the shimming. So, measure the width and the height and choose the smallest figure. Deduct ¼ an inch from the width and ½ an inch from the height. This will allow for allowance for the new window.

3. Removing Old Windows

You need to exercise some caution when getting rid of the existing windows so that you don’t end up destroying the surrounding areas.

To remove the Aurora windows, you will need a utility knife, pry bar, screwdriver and exercise some delicacy when removing the trim and stops.

4. Exercise Some Caution On Cords, Pulleys And Weights

After getting rid of the sash, remove the sash chain if your windows have them. Some don’t have. With weights, you don’t want to retain them either. Remember that since they contain lead, make sure you handle them carefully and dispose off them properly.

5. Roughly Install The Window First

Before doing any irreversible action to the Aurora windows, first, install the window roughly. Insert the new window in the opening and check how it rests in the opening.

Inspect the placement of the shim. Once you notice they are in place, mark the points where they should be fixed during the final stages.

6. Shims Are Good, But Don’t Rely On Them Entirely

Shims might work great for your windows and doors but don’t be duped into relying entirely on them. They can let you down when times get tougher. Shimming helps you fit the window perfectly in the frame. That is what they are, practically.

However, it is not all the situations that may require shimming. If you force that, you might end up paying more on shimming itself. For instance, after inserting your door in the existing opening, you may find out that there is a big space between the window and the frame. In this case, using shimming will prove pretty expensive. That shows you have chosen the wrong window size, and the only way to correct this is to choose another size for your door opening.

The best option would be to return to the window to your supplier and wait for a new customised window.

7. Final Insertion of the Window

Since you have already tested the window by roughly inserting it in the opening and made all the marks, this would be a quick process. Once you have inserted the window, screw the hinges where you had made the marks and ensure the shims and trims are in the right place and perfectly fixed.

8. Test Operation

Open and close the Aurora windows and doors to test whether it opens and closes correctly. If it sticks, make the necessary adjustments that may involve shimming.