Tips For Accomodating Overnight Guests In An Apartment

Tips for pulling up your small apartment for overnight guest

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Accommodating your overnight guests may be daunting especially if you live in a tiny apartment. However, you can smartly manage it by taking a few steps effectively. Guests may often come whether your residence is big or small. Though space matters, still you can accommodate your overnight guests well.

You have to have a positive outlook and need some extra effort to clear needed space for your overnight guests. Yes, it is true that you have to work a little bit harder due to your small apartment to make it a suitable place for your guests.

However, in this article, I will share with you some easy-to-follow tips to pull up your small apartment for overnight guests. Just read on at the end of this post, and I hope you will happily end up clearing some space to accommodate your overnight guests. Overnight Guest Hosting will also be fun to you, I think.

Find More Space for Your Guests

First things come first. Yes, it is cleaning the space you are going to prepare for your guests. The vacuum cleaner is the best fit for cleaning the floor. But make sure to pick up clothes and shoes from the floor and keep them in place. Rearrange other things if they need to get more space. Now you can wipe the floor and then vacuum it for proper cleaning.

An Inflatable Air Mattress Can Be a Life-Saver

As you can fold the air mattress after use, it should be the right choice for your overnight guests. But make sure you have an air mattress that can be inflated with an electric motor. It will not take much time to inflate fully to use. After use, you can deflate it and fold to store in a certain place to use the whole space during daytime.

Blanket and Sheets

To spread a bed sheet on the air mattress, you need to have a good quality bed sheet. It will help them sleep better and to come in direct contact with the mattress. Besides, depending on the nature of the night’s weather, your guests may need blankets as well. Therefore, if you have the right arrangement for all of them, it is a plus point. If it is hot weather, blankets will remain unused as well.

Leave Your Living Room for Them

It is not mandatory, and not every host allows their guests to use their living room as well. However, if you are liberal and do not have issues, you can leave your bedroom for your overnight guests. On the other hand, you can sleep in the temporary sleeping area you have already prepared for your guest instead. It will give your guests a better sleeping experience than the sleeping space you have made for them.

A Folding Screen Can Play a Vital Role

Like you, your guests also need privacy. However, it is not possible to offer them a permanent solution. Instead, you can have a folding screen, which you can move here and there to provide them with the least privacy option. In the morning while your guests will rise from their sleep, you can fold it and keep standing against the wall so that space can be used at daytime.

Fold Up Everything After Every Use

As the bedding of your guests is temporary and space is needed to use at daytime due to your tiny apartment, folding up your guests’ bedding including the air mattress, sheets and blankets will allow you to use the space well. You can use your desk if you have any as a makeshift luggage rack to put them on it. In addition, your guests can use the desk to put their luggage.

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Available Food Is Necessary

You should store plenty of tasty foods, snacks, and drinks in your fridge so that your guests can have them easily if they get hungry later on. Besides, it will be difficult for you too to cook in the tiny kitchen now and then. Keep it accessible for your overnight guests to reach them when they are needed.

Final Verdict

These are the tips mentioned above to host your overnight guests on your tiny apartment. Try to keep your guests happy in your apartment whether it is big or small. Also, consider mini toiletries including soap, shampoo, towel, sleepers and other necessary things to use the bathroom as their own. And, I do hope and believe that if you can follow the tips I have shared with you, you can end up accommodating your guests happy and enjoyable.