Top Tiling Tips: How to Choose the Best Tiles for Kitchen Flooring

Best Tiles for Kitchen Flooring

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Who doesn’t love a new kitchen?

If you’re among the 58 percent of Americans ready to remodel this past year, you understand the value of researching your decisions before you pull out your credit card at the local Home Depot.

One survey claims of those individuals planning a remodel, 26 percent are focusing on the kitchen.

The kitchen provides endless choices, even just for something as simple as a floor. Linoleum? Laminate? Cork? Tile?

Some people are even opting for concrete floors in a more decorative fashion. These are tasks that are proven not to be a big deal for the best home tile contractor. No matter how complicated are the ideas you have in mind, feel free to bring all those ideas to the table; it is time to discuss them one by one.

If you’re considering tiling your floor, read on for ideas on the best tiles for kitchen flooring.

Best Tiles for Kitchen

As you begin your search for the best kitchen tile, make sure you’re looking at floor tile and not just tile in general.

What’s the Difference in Kitchen Tile?

A floor tile is qualified specifically for the high traffic a floor sustains.

As you look for floor tile, look for a tile with a high PEI rating. Ratings will range from 1 to 5, with a 5 as the most resistant to wear and tear.

You want a 5 on your kitchen floor and a 1 on your kitchen wall if you’re looking for a tiled kitchen backsplash.

Types of Kitchen Tile Best for Floors

As you continue your search for floor tiles, you’ll discover a variety of materials used on tiles. You can best determine which tile to purchase by considering the positives and negatives of each material.


Quarry tiles are basically stone. They’re the clay and limestone fired to look like natural stone.

The quarry tiles or stone tiles create a refined and elegant but rustic look to your kitchen. They do have the sheen of porcelain or marble but create a natural look.

These tiles should be sealed, and because of their porous nature that collects dirt and grime easily, they’re the hardest to clean.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Unlike stone tiles, ceramic tiles are synthetic materials, a mixture of clay, sand, and water molded to form a square or rectangle.

Because of their manufactured nature, ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors that can look both natural and outlandishly crazy, depending on the buyer’s taste.

Ceramic tiles are the easiest to clean. They’re also one of the cheapest options.

Porcelain falls under the ceramic category. It’s a type of ceramic with a higher standard of water absorption because of how it is fired and glazed.

Basically, Porcelain has a higher standard of water absorption. It works best with high levels of humidity with high levels of moisture overall. Leave the porcelain for your bathroom.

Marbleized Tile

Marble tiles start with a marble rock that is then cut and shaped into the tile you see at the store.

This tile creates a timeless and beautiful kitchen.

It also costs more than the other options.

So if you plan on using marble, make sure you have the budget for it.

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Glass Tile

Do NOT use glass tile for your kitchen floor. This is a beautiful tile for backsplashes, but it does not work well for a floor because of its delicate nature. It scratches and breaks easily.

Best Kitchen Tile Color and Size

When it comes to tile color and size, you have even more choices than the tile material.

This is what happens when you pick specific colors.

Neutral Colors

If you just can’t decide what tile works best, pick a neutral color with minimal texture. This style works for anything.

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Bright Colors

When you select bright colors, you end up with a vibrant and playful feel to the room. These colors tend to make a room warm and happy.

Dark Colors

Deep, rich colors will add depth to a room, but they will also make the room feel smaller. So if you have a huge kitchen, consider darker colors. Darker colors also tend to show dust bunnies, so keep your cleaning staff in mind as you pick your tile.

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Light Colors

If you want to make your tiny kitchen feel bigger, pick lighter tile. It will brighten the room and make it feel larger.

If you just can’t decide on one color, you can always add some interest to your floor by using two different hues of the same color.

Installing Your Kitchen Tile

You want to avoid hidden costs for kitchen remodeling.

Thus, once you’ve determined you’ve picked your best kitchen floor tile, consider researching more about installing tiles. While the process may look simple, you will need to know as much as possible about proper installation techniques.

Make Your Kitchen Amazing

As you consider the best tiles for kitchen floors, know that this single investment can turn a lackluster kitchen into your favorite room in the house. Check out some of our other articles about to help you make wise decisions on your next remodel.