Does Vaping Cause Your Bedding To Smell?

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If you have smoked inside your home or car, you know the effects of smoke on anything.  It reeks! With smoking becoming less and less attractive, vaping has started to take a large market share. Many vapers have moved over from smoking or just enjoy the habit without the nicotine. Regardless of the why, there is always a concern that smoke or vapors of any kind will leave a smell. This article will look at vaping and leaving a residual smell.

If you come from the smoking side and going into vaping, you will absolutely see a decrease in smell. Cigarettes burn thousands of chemicals that leave a smell that even Febreeze cannot get rid of. Vaping as an alternative has next to zero after flavor left in the vapor.  This means that as you vape, you should notice the smell from cigarettes start to dissipate over time. Good luck with the staining, but at least you can rest easy knowing that fresh air is coming.

Being able to enjoy a few puffs of your vape without getting out of bed is honestly something you do not have to worry about. It is true, some heavy flavors do come with an after vapor. You can smell some of the effect left inside the water vapor. Keep in mind that this smell will stick around just about as long as the vapor does, which should be no more than thirty seconds.  In theory, this means that even after prolonged exposure, your bedding should suffer no such fate.

The vapor that comes from your juice are the same as everyday cooking materials.  Most vapors are flavored using a glycine mixture. Keep in mind that vaping does not cause these chemicals to burn, but rather evaporate. While that may seem like a subtle different, there is no chemical reaction taking place, it is all phase changing for those science majors. This means that the majority of the smells will be short lived, almost like baking cookies. The smell remains for a little while, but it dissipates.

As a disclaimer, there is always the potential for a slight smell if you are a nose hound or come from a strict non-tobacco background.  This does not by any means mean that it will be unpleasant or powerful. These vapors dissipate very quickly, meaning their scent, if any, should as well.  Most common flavors will not have enough flavoring mixed in to be able to produce a smell in the vapor form.

Go ahead, vape in the bed. It is not going to have any long-lasting detrimental effects.  It will not affect the pricing of your house like smoking would. In fact, you will probably not be able to smell it at all once you do. If you are truly concerned, try going into a small space and vape. Afterwards test your shirt. See? For the most part, vapor is just water vapor and carries no scent after it evaporates.