Ways to Design Your House For Wellness

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A lot of things can affect your health. Everything from your daily routines to your nutrition can have an impact on your well-being. However, it seems to be that most people forget that their home is also in this category. The materials your house was built with, the way you lay out your rooms and organize things as well as the placement of your windows can affect the way you feel on a daily basis, how you sleep, how you eat and exercise, and even how long you will live.  If you have decided to renovate your home, don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn it into a place that will protect your family’s health and wellness. Here are several ways you can do this. 

Don’t keep your fitness room hidden

We all know that regular exercise can significantly improve our quality of life. Including a fitness area in your home is a great idea, especially if there aren’t any gyms in your area. However, even if you have checked out the reviews on a resourceful site such as Walk Jog Run and bought high-quality fitness clothes as well as the latest exercise equipment, you still won’t work out as much as you should if your fitness room is located someplace it cannot easily be seen, like in the basement. Therefore, if you have a two-story house, place it on the first level, where you spend most of your time during the day. In case you don’t want to have a whole room reserved just for exercising, you can place ladders and climbing walls throughout the home.  

Your kitchen needs to encourage healthy eating

When your kitchen is not well organized, cooking any kind of meal can give you a headache. If you hit something every time you turn around and you never have enough counter space, cooking can easily become a nightmare. Regardless of whether your kitchen is big or small, make sure you organize so you have multiple work zones.  It doesn’t mean you need to have a long kitchen island with 15 feet of counter space. However, you will need at least two areas of counter space that are at least 3 feet long, with one of them located between the sink and the cooktop. This way you will be able to easily wash the groceries, chop them and cook them without moving around too much. Your second work zone should be located at least 10 steps away from this area so that someone can help you cook without getting in your way. When your kitchen is organized like this, cooking healthy meals will become an activity you will enjoy. 

Remind people to take their shoes off

A lot of people neglect organizing their entryway, but this area in your home is the first line of defense against dirt and bacteria that could enter your house. Keep in mind that the soles of your shoes are most likely carrying mud, animal waste as well as pesticides, so it is best to leave them in the hallway when you come home. In addition, you should remind your guests to do the same. The easiest way to do that is to create a seating area. For example, you can place a bench in the entryway that will also be used as storage. 

Avoid fixed windows

You may have noticed that a lot of modern home designs feature fixed windows. Although having a couple of them in your house is perfectly fine, make sure you also have the ‘old-fashioned’ ones that can be easily opened. Why is this important? Every other day you should bring fresh air into your home and the easiest way to do that is to open up the windows. By airing out your house you will get rid of that stale, toxic air that can affect your health.

With these design strategies you can easily turn your home into a place of health and vitality.