Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger And Work Better

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Everyone loves that feeling of open space combined with comfort. Especially when we are talking about our bedroom, comfort is the priority. If you are one of those unlucky people who have a very small bedroom, don’t despair, there are certain things you can do to make it look bigger. Below, there is a list of suggestions and tips of the things you can do to make your bedroom look and feel bigger. I bet you didn’t know you could do that.

Built-in Shelves

When space is limited and every inch counts, you are better off without shelves sticking from your walls. They consume a lot of space, and are sometimes just not worth it. Instead, go for built-in shelving. They are practical, and will give you all the extra space you want. Plus, if you raise them all the way to the ceiling, it will make the ceiling look higher and give your bedroom a nice feel of open space. To push it a step further, paint the back wall in different, contrasting colour to create depth and add that feeling of layering. It’s a good way to trick your brain into believing that your room is far more spacious than it really is, which is exactly the point here.

Paint it White

Opposite to what the famous song says, do not paint it black. Instead, go for a whiter tone, one that will give your room an appealing look and make it radiate with spaciousness. In addition to that, opt for monochromatic palette and paint a certain wall to create fluidity. You want your room to look and feel bigger, and to do that, you should paint the trim in a slightly lighter color. Once everything is done, pause for a moment and gaze at the marvelous sight.

Create space for natural light

Even though some things don’t really make sense and are quite contrasting, you should listen to your heart and just do it. Try and place your bed in front of the window. Once you start feeling the natural light on your body every morning, you will completely forget about the small space in which you are confined in, as you will be enjoying the beautiful sunrays as soon as you open your eyes.

Go for the sliding doors

Opening and closing doors tends to consume a lot of space, especially in small rooms. This is why people opt for sliding doors, for obvious reasons. Not only do they consume very little space, but are completely flexible and can be adjusted the way you want them to be. Plus, there are many different models which can fit in almost any bedroom, depending on your personal taste and the size of your room.

Get rid of the clutter

One of the most important things to keep in mind when living or sleeping in small quarters is not to allow clutter to pile up. It will consume most of your personal space, causing you to believe that your room is even smaller than it actually is. Clutter is an ever occurring problem, which is best solved when removed immediately. As soon as you see something out of its position, put it back where it belongs or toss it in the trash.

By applying these simple tricks, your room will get that feeling of spaciousness and additional comfort, which you need and deserve. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment; perhaps you will find additional ways of getting additional space in your bedroom.