Bedroom Lighting Secrets

Bedroom Lighting Secrets

If you have finally purchased, or moved into your dream apartment, there is a lot of work ahead of you. However, the one place that you probably want to make look perfect from the start is your master bedroom. Since bedroom is the place where all the magic happens, you have to ensure that it’s properly lit. There are many untold secrets when it comes to setting up the perfect lighting in your bedroom. Here are some things you should pay attention to:


Choosing the appropriate lighting for your bedroom is more than just picking the ones you like the most. If you want it to be perfect in every way, suitable enough for your room, you have to take into consideration the size of your room. Measure your entire room and consult the experts when you go to buy the fixtures. They will know what to offer you, according to the size of your room.

Let it glow, let it glow

Another important thing you should definitely keep in mind is the amount of lighting you will be getting. The best thing would be to a perfectly lit room, and you can add an adjustable switch, so that you can dim the lights if – and when – you feel like it. Modern lamps and lighting systems already have these switches, so talk to salesmen at the store and ask for fixtures with these switches. Having an appropriate lighting can really set up the mood, so make sure you choose well.

Set the right mood

Sometimes, it is all about setting the right mood. To help you with it, you should definitely install light dimmers and curtains. It would be best to opt for the ones that can be controlled remotely, which will allow you to set the mood with a simple click of a button. Another fun option are colored light bulbs, which can really get the party going or create that soothing atmosphere. Get creative and try out different styles.

Don’t do it yourself

Other than replacing a light bulb, you shouldn’t play around electricity if you are not qualified for it. You should, however, contact electrical contractors to take care of any problem you might have, for you. They are fast, accurate and highly professional. Simply purchase the lighting fixture you like and let them take care of it for you. Some stores offer installation services once you purchase their goods, so keep that in mind as well. Some charge extra for it, others install them for free. It is important to check several stores before you decide to make a purchase, for you may end up with a much better deal and save a few dollars in the process.    

Bedside lights

A lot of people love to read in their beds. To make sure you have the proper lighting for it, all you have to do is place a lamp on your night stand, next to your bed. Make sure that the light is strong enough so you can read without straining your eyes, but not too strong, so it doesn’t bother the person on the other side of the bed. Make sure that the lamp has a cover, so that you can read in peace.

The best part about bedroom lighting is that you can improvise with it and install the one that suits you the best. Make sure you take all the above mentioned suggestions into consideration, and enhance your room with the right type of lighting. After that, setting the mood will be easy and you will enjoy all the comforts of your perfectly lit bedroom.

Top 7 Bedroom Decor Tips for an Impeccably Styled Room

Top 7 Bedroom Decor Tips for an Impeccably Styled Room

Although interior design trends change quickly, there are certain elements that can fit into any style and give your home a timeless value. Should you decide to restyle your bedroom and bring in a sense of novelty, you can do it with the help of a few simple, yet trendy alterations.  However, a key question that you should ask yourself before making any changes is “what’s my dream bedroom?” This way, you can start with the visualization of your personal sanctuary and move towards your goal.

The Charm of Decorative Pillows

There’s something about dozens of pillows on a bed – they somehow create an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness in a bedroom. However, if you include decorative pillows into your bedroom, you can achieve much more than just a sense of comfort. Whether you opt for a monochromatic design or you decide to play with patterns, decorative pillows are a great way to tie a room together. For example, you can use the same patterns or colour for the pillows as you did for the curtains. You don’t even have to use too many of them; just vary the sizes and experiment with textures to achieve a stylish effect.

A Rug for Comfort

Surely you don’t want the cold floor to be the first thing you feel when you wake up. Not only will a rug keep your feet warm, but it will also keep your bedroom stylish. Including a rug into your bedroom decor provides you with another opportunity to play with patterns and textures. In addition, if you opt for more than one style, for example the vintage and modern, you can use a rug for a smooth and natural transition between the two.

A Play of Colours

The best way to create an elegant look in your bedroom is to create a balance between dark, glamorous hues and bright, cheerful ones. If you’re aiming at a monochromatic design, you should add an occasional pop of color to make your bedroom livelier. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a more colorful look, you should be consistent with the color scheme. The perfect solution when it comes to mixing colors is to go with a more neutral backdrop and then use colorful accents.

Patterns for a Unique Décor

The possibilities for playing with patterns in your bedroom are almost endless! Whether you use them for pillows, bedspread, curtains, rug or even walls, patterns will make your bedroom distinctive and stylish. Just remember to stay moderate in order to avoid an exaggerated look – combining animal print with geometric figures and adding some floral details can be too much.

Top 7 Bedroom Décor Tips for an Impeccably Styled Room

A Particular Style for a Unified Look

Opting for a single style will help you stay focused and avoid an off-centered look. Luckily, depending on your taste, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. If you want a peaceful and balanced minimalist bedroom decorated with natural materials, then you should consider going with the Japanese Zen design.  If you like a layered, yet clutter-free decor of mixed materials, you might find what you need in the selection of home décor in Australia. For the feel of American Country style, you should opt for a muted color palette and simple decorative elements to create an inviting and cozy bedroom.

Artwork as a Focal Point

Nothing says style like art, so you should definitely include at least one piece of art in your bedroom. You can make artwork a focal point by experimenting with the size and number of pieces. Grouping several smaller pieces will be a more subtle choice, but if you want something bolder, you can use a single, bigger painting behind your bed for a dramatic effect.

Décor as Self-Expression

Your bedroom should be your personal heaven, so don’t be afraid to express your personality through interior design. You can include your favourite furniture pieces or exhibit your personal artwork collection. You shouldn’t feel constrained by rules of interior design, but push the boundaries to create a more unique look.

Creating a stylish bedroom isn’t much difficult once you visualize your perfect, dreamy haven. With little creativity and experimentation, you can create a bedroom that resembles who you truly are.

Baby Bedding Buying Made Simple

Baby Bedding Buying Made Simple

Trend Lab Waverly Pom Pom Play 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set is available from Amazon.

There is a near endless array of baby bedding on the market that includes sets that are gender specific and others that can be used for either a boy or a girl. You can buy each piece separately but if you really think about it, it is the most expensive way to go. Just as there are bed-in-a-bag sets for adults they have them for your nursery as well.

A bed in a bag set includes sheet, pillow cases, a comforter, shams, and skirts for adult beds. Crib sets for baby is the same way. If you are looking to have your bedding co-ordinate the theme of your nursery then purchase sets. You can purchase single sheets so that you can mix and match your bedding.

When you are shopping for be aware that the bedding will be separated by fabric, colors, and styles. Your preferences will no doubt influence your purchase. Do you want cotton, flannel, fleece, or silk? Many parents prefer the cotton or flannel fabric because they are less expensive than silk sheets and are easier to clean.

The advantages to buying your bedding in sets is that everything already matches. You won’t be mixing fabrics, colors, or themes. With everything in one bag you can actually change the atmosphere of the room buy the bedding sets you purchase.

It is important that you match your bedding with the gender of your child. You wouldn’t want to, for example, saturate your sons room in pink. In a girls room however, it is okay to put blue. Most manufacturers are knowledgeable about current thinking regarding gender and what is believed to be acceptable or not. They tend to know what customers want. You most likely won’t have any trouble finding what you want.

Generally accepted themes for boys rooms include airplanes, trucks, or fire engines. Sports is another theme to look for boys. They are generally designed in bright colors – reds, blues, greens, and oranges.

Themes for girls could include ballerinas, faeries, Barbie, princess, butterflies or flowers. Girls bedding generally comes in softer colors such as pink, yellow, mauve, blue, and teal among others. Girls rooms themes are not limited to the above mentioned themes. Non-gender specific themes for bedding include animals, the solar system, favorite characters such as Barney, the Smurfs, Jimmy Neutron, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and others.

You also have the option of having your crib bedding custom made. There is a chance that you might not find just the right pattern you are looking for. If this is the case you can have someone make you bedding with your exact pattern. If you sew you can create your own bedding sets for your baby. There are even materials in gold and silver to use for your child’s bedding so they can sleep in the lap of luxury.

Crib bedding doesn’t refer to sheets only. You can get bed in a bag as mentioned earlier. You will find a sheet, a baby blanket, and a baby quilt in most sets. If you prefer to buy separate pieces you can still do that. Most stores have single pieces as well as bedding sets.

As you can see buying bedding for you baby can be a challenging task. Keep your budget in mind as well as your preferences. You can create a theme in your baby’s room with the types of bedding you use. You can use character bedding but know that kids often outgrow certain characters and as your child grows you will likely have to change your themes.