4 Amazing Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Your Home


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Do you dread looking at your power bills each month?

Sky-high heating and air-conditioning bills, electricity use, and power consumption mean you’re paying way too much for your home’s energy needs.

What if there was a better way to not only lower power bills but also switch to a cleaner, renewable energy source?

If you need a change, solar power may be just what your home needs. Read on to learn about the environmental benefit of solar energy and how it can improve your home, and save you money.

What Is Solar Power?

We’re all familiar with the concept of solar power and solar panels, but how exactly does it work?

Simply put, solar panels convert sunlight into usable electricity. Solar energy creates electricity flow by using light particles to separate electrons from atoms.

This energy then goes into your electric grid and can be used to power your home, just like traditional energy sources.

Solar power is renewable, can be stored, and can even be generated on overcast days.

Here are some of the main reasons to install solar today.

1. Contribute to the Environmental Benefit of Solar Energy

Solar power is one of the largest sources on the planet of renewable energy, which is energy that is constantly regenerating, such as wind, rain, and geothermal heat.

However, traditional energy sources are powered from fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, and petroleum. The problem with fossil fuels is that they are finite, and once we, as a planet, use them all, they are gone forever.

This is why it is more important than ever to switch to sustainable sources of energy.

Fossil fuels, and the mining processes to find them, cause dangerous air and water pollution. Fossil fuels, when burned, also release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a leading cause of global warming.

By installing solar panels in your home, you are helping the planet in a major way, helping society move away from dependence on dangerous coal and gas.

Looking for more ways to go renewable? Consider purchasing an electric car or taking public transportation, or buying from businesses that have sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

2. Cut Down on Energy Costs

One of the main benefits of solar energy is saving money. After the additional installation price, you can use the solar power you generate to replace your current electric provider.

If you go back through your energy bills over several years, it can be a real awakening to realize how much you’re spending on power. Make the switch to solar today and say goodbye to high energy bills each quarter.

In addition, installing solar panels often results in government rebates or tax credits, an incentive to encourage households to become more environmentally friendly. Solar panels can last at least 25-30 years, providing decades of clean, renewable power for you and your family.

Solar provides many advantages, but sunlight streaming into our homes, rather than into the solar panels, can heat up a house quickly.

To keep your home cool and reduce unnecessary air conditioning costs, install outdoor motorized solar shades to help manage your home’s temperature.

3. Increase the Value of Your Home

With more and more home buyers interested in renewable energy, a home with already-installed solar panels can be highly desirable. It allows the buyer to start enjoying the benefits of solar right away, without having to go through the installation and set up process themselves.

If you’re hoping to sell your home in the next few years, adding solar can also add a lot of value to your home. On average homes with solar panels increased in value by 4.1%, with certain parts of the country being higher.

The highest gains were seen in New York, San Francisco, and Orlando. However, you can also keep an eye on local property sales to see how long homes with solar are staying on the market, and what they’re selling for.

A good realtor will be able to explain the long-term savings and advantages of solar energy to potential buyers, helping those who might not be familiar with how solar works.

4. Profit Off Your Extra Power

You’ve seen how solar can save you money, but it can actually make you money as well.

Your home solar system is efficient and effective — so much so that you might produce more power than you need for your home. In this case, you can sell the power back to the electricity company, and it will go back into the grid and be used to power other homes or businesses.

This is called net metering and is a common practice in most states. Solar energy is measured on your electricity bill as a kilowatt-hour, or kWh.

Once you work out how many kWh you need per month for your own home, you can earn a set fee per kWh for the energy you don’t need. This can be credited to your account.

The going rate will vary based on your location and energy provider, but on average is around .10-.15 cents per kWh. Your solar panel installation company should be able to explain to you how you can get started with net metering.

Not only is this an excellent way to power your home at low or no cost, but you’re also doing a terrific service to the community by increasing its use of renewable energy.

Start Enjoying Solar Power Today

Now that you have a better understanding of renewable power, it’s easy to see the environmental benefit of solar energy. It can also provide financial incentives and it’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to know that you’re helping improve the planet as a homeowner.

Speak to a solar power provider today to get started with turning your home into a beacon for solar energy and start enjoying the many benefits it can bring.

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