5 Best Apps For Interior Designers

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No matter if you are a professional designer, who has just started a new project or a usual person, who wants to change the interior in his apartment, apartment repair is often associated with numerous issues.

This is a long and time-consuming process, during which you can face different troubles. However, redesigning your room or the whole house can be much easier if you know about the right tools and can use them! The benefits of using interior design apps are obvious.

But how to figure out what home decorating programs are the best? Some are paid, others are free of charge; one application can show the project on the flat, while many others give you a possibility to view an image in 3D format. Some work only on a computer and others are available as applications for a tablet or phone. Thus, there is a wide range of choices!

In this article, we will tell you about the top 5 best apps for decoration and redesign houses that will come in handy not only to experienced interior designers but also for novice designers, who are still mastering this craft while studying at the universities.

Why do students need it? Aspiring designers should use the apps from this list to develop their skills. Of course, not always students have enough time to devote to practice or work due to loads of homework; however, you can find out here where to order academic papers to free more time for practice!

What Are The Top 5 Designer Apps?

1. Google Sketchup

This app is suitable for novice designers. There are both paid and free versions of this program that are different in functionality (the paid version has more functions and possibilities, which makes it a good choice for professionals). However, using Google Sketchup for free, you can also create a high-quality design in 3D format and have access to the most important features like change of layout, color, etc. What are the main advantages? One of the distinctive features of this program is that it allows you to create not only home interior design, but also sketch furniture, car, backyard, the whole street or pretty much anything else!

2. 3D Studio MAX

This is one of the most famous apps! It is created exclusively for professionals and can be too complicated for usual users, but what is the most important – it allows you to create a realistic and high-resolution sketch of any complexity. Thus, using 3D Studio MAX, you get complete freedom of action! Besides, your customer should remain satisfied with such a realistic plan of his house. However, there are a few issues that you should be aware of – working with this program requires lots of time and patience due to its complexity!

3. ArchiCAD

This is another app for expert architects and designers. It features all sorts of options needed for high-quality sketches – from a floor plan to construction documentation and specifications. The ArchiCAD is a paid program. The first month of use is free of charge – it is created to allow new users to test this app and decide whether it suits their needs, but after a month, all users need to pay to continue using it and operate with all functions. What is the main advantage? Unlike other soft, in this one, all parts of the project are not disjointed, but interlinked, which means that if you make any changes in one of them, it will immediately appear on the general plan and in every section, where this part is involved.

4. IKEA Home Planner

This software is created by a well-known company – provider of all sorts of products for home. It is very simple in use. We believe that even beginners will easily handle it! It is absolutely free of charge and allows you to sketch a room, add furniture and decorations to it, and even calculate the approximate cost of furnishing! Using this software, you can gradually, step by step, plan any room in the house: the kitchen, living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom, regardless of their size. However, there is one major disadvantage. There is no freedom of choice! All the furniture and decorations that can be used in the sketch can only be selected from the company’s products.

5. Roomstyler

This is a very convenient service. The main thing that makes Roomstyler different from other apps in this list is that it allows you to create and adjust projects in real time, right from your browser. There are many video lessons available for users who lack experience, which makes it good for common users and beginners. The results can be shared with anyone via the Internet. The quality of the picture is also high, and all projects are created in 3D.