9 Unique Decorating Tips for a Beautiful Home

Unique Decorating Tips

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Home decorating comes with many benefits. Aside from the obvious reason of improving the look of your space, home decorating, according to experts, promotes creativity, develops a sense of relaxation while also enhancing social intimacy. But aside from these, home decorating can actually make your home to stand out, especially if you follow these unique decorating tips by Leasing And Management.

Decorating your home differently could even mean you won’t need to do that remodeling project you’ve been considering, since the decorating in itself will make the space feel new again.

1. Pile On Layers

Not a lot of homeowners would agree with the idea of using multiple layers in decorating as this could clutter the look of the space if not done the right way. But adding more layers into the space is just like using a scarf to make your dress look even more fashionable.

You can do the same thing for your interiors. For instance, you can make your plain white sofa stand out even more by draping it with exotic looking fabrics, such as a sheepskin, Turkish towels or a vibrant colored quilt. This will result in a plush and well-sophisticated living space.

Don’t forget the floors, too. You can decorate the floors with several midsize rugs in slightly different patterns. This will give your space a worldly and bohemian appeal.

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2. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix and Match

Sometimes, the key to making your space to stand out is to mix and match designs. Thus, do not just limit yourself to only one design or style. Consider the idea of pairing traditional decors with modern pieces, such as using rustic fabrics in accessorizing a modern designed living room space. Finding the right mix sometimes simply take a bit of trial and error.

Combining different design ideas will result in a one of a kind look, while giving your space a whole new dimension. A good design inspiration is to combine toile drapes, Moroccan rugs, a Victorian sofa and an Indian painting. These decors will all harmonize since one item will not outshine the others.

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3. Break the Rules in Decorating

One of the benefits of having an ample space is that you can decorate it with anything you want. You can in fact break the usual rules on the type of furniture to decorate the space. For instance, you can combine two non-matching storage pieces. Accompany it with geometric patterns and mismatched curtains in your window and this will surely make your ample sized living room space to stand out.

If you have a cat, you can even buy litter boxes that are enclosed in furniture, such as benches, end tables and planters. This is a great way to hide the litter box and incorporate a new piece of furniture.

4. Create a Gallery Wall Using Frames

If you want an inexpensive way to spruce up a dull looking living room wall, purchase about a dozen picture frames in different sizes and shapes. You can then place different pictures in the frames and use it to create a gallery wall in your living room wall. This trend has been popular in the last few years and what’s great about a gallery wall is that it can serve as a focal point in your living room decor.

You can choose to put personal photos in the frames or pictures you have taken yourself from your travels. Do not be afraid to paint the frames if you need to, just so it can match with the rest of the decors in your living room space.

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5. Use Stick on Wall Paper to Accent Your Wall

Another cheap and unique way to prettify your wall is with the use of a stick on wallpaper. This is much cheaper than using a traditional wallpaper and more stylish too. The stick on paper is available in a wide range of designs and patterns that can blend well with the color of your wall. Some of the best patterns are faux hard wood, retro floral and bricks. Choose whatever pattern suits you best, but make sure that it goes well with the other design accessories in your space.

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6. Ceiling Mounted Fireplace

If you want to include a fireplace in your living room, you can opt for the ceiling mounted design. It is truly unique and is suitable for lounge areas that have ample spaces. Surround the fireplace with comfortable sofas and chairs on all sides, where you and your loved ones can gather around to enjoy the warm air in winter. To make the space feel cozier and more romantic, install unique lighting fixtures. With a ceiling mounted fireplace, your living space will surely make a lasting impression.

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7. Pivot Windows

Another way to make your home stand out is to create pivot windows instead of the usual standard window design. These windows are simplistic and sleek and can work well in both contemporary and modern designed homes. To make the window look even more interesting, opt for the round shaped pivot window. This window will surely create a statement in your home, with its one of a kind shape and unique mechanism. Although the window may be intrinsically simple, it sure can make your facade to stand out in a big way.

8. Over the Door Mirrors

Installing a mirror into the door is something that can make your home stand out from the rest. The idea is especially ideal in the bathroom although this concept can also work for your bedroom and dressing rooms, and in pretty much any environment where an open decor and an airy space is desirable. An over the door mirror that’s installed in a sliding door is also a great idea for small spaces. It can help to maximize each and every usable space in the room, while also giving an illusion of an even bigger space.

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9. One-Of-A-Kind Decors

Displaying distinct decors in your living room shelf, such as vintage inspired globes and other unique decorative pieces and artwork, is an easy way to give your home a unique look. Interestingly shaped objects such as lanterns, silk fans and ceramic animals can also help to make your space to stand out. You will usually find these items from flea markets, garage sales, and even online, such as in eBay and Craigslist. If you are fond of traveling and you have collected some items from different countries all over the world, then display these items in your living room space.

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The key to making your home look unique is to not follow any kind of interior decorating rule. Just express what you feel when it comes to decorating your space. Hopefully, the tips above can serve as your inspiration.