There is nothing more stunning than a hardwood floor. The wood itself can add a touch of elegance to any home and the floors reflect light beautifully. Although they can be a little bit difficult to maintain, they can also raise the property value of your home. 

When you pick out your new hardwood floor, you will have a choice of what kind of wood finish and design that will be used. When deciding on wood and finish, you should take the color of your walls and the architectural type of your home into consideration. You should also consider the style of furniture that you have in your home. Hardwood floors can be laid out in a variety of different patterns. 

Straight Pattern

A straight line hardwood floor pattern is the easiest to install and hence the least expensive. The boards are installed parallel to the length of the room and alongside one another. Straight patterns create an uncomplicated, modern vibe in a home.

Parquet Pattern

This pattern can give a home a classic atmosphere. To accomplish this look, you will want to lay the wood in a checkerboard fashion. Each individual board may also have patterns within it. Parquet was popular with the French aristocracy and such floors are a work of art in themselves. As you can imagine, the tiles can be rather pricey.

Random Patterns 

A random hardwood floor pattern is comprised of wood board pieces of all different sizes. It will give your home a unique look. You can also use a blend of similar-looking woods. Although this pattern will require the assistance of a professional, it can give your home a rustic feel. It is perfect for cabins and country homes. 

Diagonal Pattern

A diagonal pattern is eye-catching but uncomplicated.  The boards will be installed parallel to one another, but they will be at a 45-degree angle from the wall. It is no more difficult to install a diagonal pattern then it is to install a straight pattern. 

Herringbone Pattern

This pattern can be a bit hard to pull off, but if you do, it will create an eye-catching look that is similar to a twilled textile. To realize the pattern you should lay the tiles in a zig-zag fashion. It is probably best to hire a professional if you want to use the herringbone.

Finding a Contractor 

Laying hardwood floors is hard work and sometimes installing it yourself can cost you more money than it would be to hire a contractor. If you do not lay the wood properly, or if you do not sand it correctly, you may end up with an uneven floor. If you do not finish the floor properly, you can end up with build-up and floors that will not look as good as they could. They may also be hard to clean.

A professional contractor will have years of experience with floor installation. They should be able to advise you as to the best kind of wood for your home and what patterns will work the best for the look you want to achieve. A good contractor will have a clean record with the state licensing board. They will also have a team of laborers who are committed to making your home look fabulous.

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