9 Fantastic Benefits of Hardwood Floors For Your Home

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

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If you’re one of the 65.3% of Americans that’s proud to call yourself a homeowner, you’re likely always looking for ways to improve your space.

One of the best things that you can do is to install hardwood floors into your home. If you’re looking to switch things up and replace old, work carpets, installing durable and aesthetically-pleasing wooden flooring is a way to make your home look and feel more appealing and natural.

Read on for some of the biggest benefits of hardwood floors!

1. It’s Stylish

First and foremost, hardwood flooring is incredibly stylish. It’s simple and elegant, making it the perfect way to add a bit of class to any room of your house.

One theory as to why hardwood is so appealing to homeowners is that it has a natural appearance. Others believe that the grain gives your home a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance, and that’s why hardwood flooring is the best option. No matter why you like wood floors, you have to admit that they’re really aesthetically pleasing!

2. There’s a Lot of Variety

Hardwood flooring is also appealing because there’s a lot of variety. You can choose lighter sapwood flooring that makes your room look light and smell beautifully natural. On the other hand, hickory hardwood flooring is majestic and will make your room look fit to host a king.

Because of all the different types of wood that you can choose to use for your flooring, you also will have a lot of options when it comes to color, grain, and texture. You’re bound to find something that matches the overall vibe of your home’s interior!

3. It Matches Many Décor Schemes

Because there’s such a variety of hardwood flooring out there, you can match pretty much all colors, textures, and styles of interior décor that you choose for your home.

The sleek nature of hardwood flooring means that it isn’t going to take away from the rest of your décor, but it also means that those who notice it are sure to be impressed. As long as you choose attractive colors and styles that complement your overall aesthetic, a hardwood floor is the ultimate way to bring out the best in both your room and your other interior décor.

4. It’s Easy to Clean

Carpets are difficult to clean. While many people just vacuum and call it a day, this doesn’t get gunk and grime out from between the strings. In the end, this dirt is going to both wear your carpet down and cause it to fade. Carpeting also inevitably traps moisture and leaves your home prone to mold.

Hardwood flooring is a much cleaner alternative! It’s easy to take care of the right way with a simple DIY cleaner (soap and warm water) and a mop. The most work you’ll ever need to do in maintaining a hardwood floor is to polish it with a soft cloth and shiner, and that’s something you only need t do every few months at most!

5. It’s Durable

Hardwood flooring is really easy to take care of while being incredibly difficult to ruin.

Unlike carpeting, which gets dirty and wears when people walk on it too much, hardwood flooring remains as good as new as long as you keep it clean and shine its surface every so often.

Despite this, you’ll need to select more durable wood types for areas of the home that get a lot of foot traffic. If a location is near a door where people come inside or in a place where heavy things are dropped often, you may want to get a harder type of wood that’s both waterproof and resistant to denting. That’s just part of being responsible!

6. It’s Inexpensive

While the initial costs of installing hardwood flooring may be higher than installing carpeting, you’ll save a lot of money overall. Not only does hardwood last longer, but it also doesn’t require professional cleaning as often as carpeting. You also won’t need to replace areas of it after spills, pet messes, or water damage.

You’ll also save a lot on cleaning supplies for your flooring when you choose wood floors, so that’s definitely something to consider as well!

7. It Lasts a Long Time

The average life of a hardwood floor is about 25 years. However, well-maintained flooring often lasts way longer than this. Some varieties will even be able to stay in your home for the rest of your life as long as you take care of them correctly!

This not only is great for the sake of consistency but will also save you a lot of time and money. You won’t need to waste time on installation for at least a quarter of a century, and you aren’t going to need to invest in new flooring anytime soon, either! Instead, you can focus your efforts and finances on other aspects of your interior décor so that you can spice things up once in a while.

8. Rugs are Awesome Accessories

When you get carpeted flooring, it’s unlikely that you’ll be laying any rugs down to accent your space. After all, why add carpeting onto other carpeting?

Unfortunately, having one solid color carpet rather than a variety of rugs makes your room monotonous. Rugs of different colors, sizes, and shapes provide you with the variety that you crave in your home.

They also help to accentuate other aspects of the décor that you love. You can match them to different pieces of furniture and make them pop against the color of your wood flooring itself!

9. It Makes a House a Home

When people think of hardwood, they generally imagine a cozy space. A burning fireplace, a mellow forest, and an antique desk all are images that cherry wood or strong oak may evoke. This means that hardwood flooring will provide you with a calming aesthetic and make your space feel more homelike.

Beyond the Benefits of Hardwood Floors

While the debate about which type of flooring is best can get heated, the reality is that carpeting can’t even hold a candle to hardwood.

Now that you know the biggest benefits of hardwood floors, it’s time to learn more about the interior décor that will make your house a comforting and relaxing space. Check out the ‘free catalog’ tab on our home page to see bedding, furniture, and other home décor items that you’re sure to love!