5 Key Tips to Getting Your House Ready to Sell

getting your house ready to sell

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Are you getting your house ready to sell?

Let’s face it, moving is stressful! In fact, one study found that 6 in 10 people agree that moving is the most stressful event in life. With the buying, selling, packing, and all of the paperwork associated with moving, it’s easy to see why so many people associate moving with stress.

So, what can you do to ensure that your home is as ready to sell as possible? We’re touching on five simple tips and tricks that any homeowner can employ. Simple and efficient, these tricks are sure to make the world of difference in your sale.

1. Depersonalize

First things first, it’s time to depersonalize your home.

This could entail anything from removing family photos and heirlooms to painting the walls a neutral color and minimizing decor.

Remember, you want prospective homeowners to walk into your home and envision their future. Without doing so, many buyers may struggle to see the home as their own or to see the full potential.

2. Minimize and Declutter

Here in life, we have minimalists and we have maximalists.

If you happen to associate with the latter, you’re going to want to get in touch with your simple side. Before selling, do yourself and your home a favor and reduce both the furnishings and the decor inside of your home.

This will allow the space to appear larger and less frantic. It will also allow buyers the mental space to envision their own belongings. When a buyer is able to picture their own lives in the home, they’re all the more likely to move forward with an offer.

3. Opt for a Deep Clean

Of course, you’re going to want to ensure that your home is as sparkling, clean, and fresh as possible.

From top-to-bottom, this means a deep clean of everything and anything within the home. Once you’ve finished cleaning the interior, you guessed it, it’s time to move outside and continue the fun!

If you’re willing to pay, having your home professionally cleaned and sanitized before the big reveal is always a sound investment.

4. Tackle Minor Renovations

Is your beloved home in need of some minor renovations?

Let’s face it, even the most well-cared-for homes have nooks and crannies that could use a helping hand. For example, you may have been putting off fixing the hole in the wall or the ceiling that’s been leaking.

The goal is to spend your money completing renovations that are timely and inexpensive. With this, prospective buyers will be more likely to step into your home and envision it to be move-in ready.

5. Consider Staging

Do you find yourself wondering how to sell my house fast?

If you’re on a tight timeline, investing in professional staging could be worthwhile. After all, a professionally staged home is reported to spend 73% less time on the market compared to those without staging.

Not only is it more likely to sell faster than a home without staging, but it’ll also increase your profits. If you’re looking to save a dime, be sure to look into virtual staging as a more affordable option.

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

If you’re getting your house ready to sell, you want to ensure that you’re doing it correctly. Not only is moving incredibly stressful, but you want to be certain that you’re doing everything you can to maximize your profits.

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How To Get Your House Ready To Sell