5 Open House Design and Event Tips to Sell a Home Fast

Open House Design

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Despite the down economy, millions of existing homes are still selling in 2020 which means that with the right strategy, you can get your house on and off of today’s market, fast! A big part of the equation when it comes to moving housing inventory is hosting an open house that people attend and that motivates onlookers to buy.

What open house design ideas can help you put together an event that checks those boxes?

In this post, our team shares a handful of tips that will let you put together showings that’ll move you closer to your goals. Keep reading to discover them!

1. Get Your House Staged

Staging your house when you’re having potential buyers browse is imperative. That’s because most people that come into your open house won’t be able to picture how your hollowed-out space could look if they were to purchase it.

Several staging companies operate in just about every major city in America that will make the home you’re trying to sell look like something out of a magazine. Some of these companies even offer options to buy staged furniture outright if a buyer falls in love with the setup they’re seeing.

2. Lose Family Photos

Another design idea that can support your sell my house fast ambitions is to ensure that personal belongings the current homeowners owns are not on display. This includes things like family photos, drawings, or anything else that’s very personal.

When personal artifices are on display during an open house, visitors will be hard-pressed to not feel like they’re touring a stranger’s home.

3. Give Neighbors a Sneak Preview

As you work to design your actual event, we always recommend including a special pre-event just for community members.

Believe it or not, people that live in a listed home’s community are powerful leads when it comes to sales. Many may be looking to upgrade to a house nearby or have family members that they’d like to have move closer to them.

Neighbor sneak peek open houses should be held in the evening and might feature fun finger foods and beverages.

4. Promote Your Event Digitally

Throwing a sign up on your house’s lawn isn’t enough to draw the kind of crowds you’ll want to your public open house event. Get social media savvy and take to the internet to do everything from organic posting to taking out paid ads that are targeted at people in your community.

A couple of hours of digital marketing attention could net you hundreds of additional open house visits.

5. Have an Offer Incentive

You’ll know the effort you put into your open house design will have paid off if you get offers. Incentivize people to make those offers so your work won’t have been in vain.

Offering special price discount windows that expire or perks like free gym memberships can all force people’s hands towards trying to buy what you’re selling

The More Thought You Put Into Open House Design, the More Success You’ll Find

Any guide you read on how to sell a house will touch on open house design. That concept embodies physical design (ex: arranging furniture) and event design (picking the right food, marketing, etc.).

By taking the time to think about designing the ultimate open house event, you’ll enable yourself to get your house off the market at a price that will make you feel good!

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