5 Signs Your Home is in Need of New Exterior Paint

5 Signs Your Home is in Need of New Exterior Paint

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When was the last time you painted the exterior of your home? Modern exterior paints can look beautiful for up to nine years. But older paints may not last that long.

If you can’t remember or don’t know when your home was painted, there are other ways to determine if it’s time to paint your home. This guide will give you five signs that it’s time to repaint your house’s exterior.

1. Fading

This one may be tough to notice, but your paint’s color will fade from sun bleaching. Darker shades will fade faster and be more noticeable than lighter shades. You can determine the amount of fading of your home’s paint by comparing the color in an area exposed to the sun and one that isn’t.

2. Bubbling, Cracking, and Flaking

It’s time for exterior painting if you see cracking, flaking, and bubbling of the paint. Often, these are signs that there’s a bigger problem happening underneath the paint. There could be wet rot, mold, or dry rot.

If you have paint displaying these signs, it’s best to bring in the professionals. They’ll know how to repaint a house with these issues. They will trace the source of the problem and address it first, then continue with the painting.

This will prevent the problem from reoccurring and causing more damage.

3. Changed Color

The sun’s UV rays can do strange things to paint. You may have picked a nice neutral beige. But after a few months or even weeks, it’s now a weird shade of pink. If you aren’t happy with your new surprise color, then it’s time to repaint your home’s exterior.

4. Curb Appeal Is Lacking

Fresh paint on the exterior of your home can boost the overall curb appeal. When you have fresh white paint on the trim it helps the trim to really pop against the color of your home. The same goes for a fresh coat of paint on the rest of your home.

If you’re planning on selling or renting your home, then this is an easy way to freshen up the outside of your home and instantly boost its overall perceived value.

5. Chalking

You rub your hand against the exterior of your home, and it becomes covered in a chalky type of powder. This is most commonly a sign that either low-quality paint, interior paint, or too thin of a layer of paint was used.

All of these situations means that your home isn’t adequately protected. You’ll need to clean your home’s exterior and then repaint to create the protection your home should have.

Choose Your Exterior Paint

If you see any of these five signs on the exterior of your home, then it’s time to start choosing exterior paint. It’s best not to wait until these situations are happening. Waiting this long means your home lacks protection.

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