6 Reasons To Consider Airbnb Denver Rentals For Your Trip

Airbnb Denver rentals

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If you are considering travel to the United States, one of the places you might want to consider is Denver, Colorado. The city is famous for its buildings, craft beers, and the panoramic view of the mountains.

There are lots of activities you can do in the city as it has one of the most walkable downtowns in the country. The weather is also incredibly greats as you can experience almost 300 days of sunshine in Denver. If you are interested in spending holidays in this city, the best option for accommodation if you consider this is a cozy Airbnb in Denver. Here are the reasons why:

1. It’s a Lot Cheaper

Traveling does not come cheap. If you want to enjoy a lot of Denver, then you may need to splurge a little. If you consider Airbnb in Denver, you get to cut your expenses in accommodations and allocate it to something else.

Before you actually go on the trip, you can look for accommodations within your price range through the app, which actually lets you see the available listings for your preferred price.

Apart from being cheaper, Airbnb’s are usually larger than a regular hotel accommodation. Some hosts even offer the whole house for some guests. This means that you get to save more on expenses especially when you are traveling in a large group.

2. You Can Easily Book Your Preferred Location

You can also see the actual locations of the listings through the map, which means you can choose which Airbnb listing in Denver you would want. It would also be convenient if it is near the sites you want to visit since Denver is such a walk-friendly city.

Some hotels near downtown or the central districts are a lot more expensive than regular ones. But with Airbnb, some are strategically located near these areas, but for a cheaper price.

3. You Can Talk Directly to Your Host

Airbnb allows you to directly contact your host. This way, you can personalize your accommodation depending on your needs. Unlike hotels and other types of accommodations, Airbnb is a lot flexible for its guests, depending on the host. These hosts usually rent out their personal properties, which makes it easier for them to make arrangements depending on your liking.

For instance, you may arrive earlier than the expected arrival time of your booking. These situations can be easily arranged by personal communication between you and your host. It would be such a hassle to not be able to check-in after long hours of travel just because it is not your check-in time yet. Most of Airbnb’s offer flexible check-in and check-out hours, which is better than regular accommodations.

4. Homey Feel of the Place

As mentioned, most Airbnb listings in Denver are actual homes. This is how you get the cozy vibe of your accommodation. Staying in these types of accommodations makes you feel a lot more comfortable and safe. It is like taking a vacation but not leaving your home.

The cozy vibe of Airbnb’s in Denver probably comes from the hosts themselves. Most of them are locals and would want you to experience Denver as how they are experiencing it.

What makes Airbnb cozy is also the amenities. They are not uniformed or embroidered with hotel logos, which makes these listings a lot homey than regular accommodations at hotels and motels. Some hosts even offer home-cooked meals for the guests, not the typical buffet-style breakfast.

5. Some Services Offered Are Not Available in a Regular Hotel

It was earlier mentioned that you can directly contact the host of your Airbnb. You can have personalized services from them such as breakfast preparations, tours, and many more.

When looking at Airbnb listings in Denver, you can also filter the app depending on your needs such as parking, pool, smoking area, number of beds, etc. This narrows down the perfect Airbnb listing options for you.

Some hosts also offer entertainment options for guests. Some of the listings in Denver offer Netflix access or any media player for your convenience, just in case you prefer staying in. Some of these locations also offer board games and other sports equipment such as billiards table and basketball courts.

Unlike some hotels, most Airbnb hosts allow guests to bring their pets. This is important to some travelers who prefer to bring their pets with them. It means that they do not have to check their pets at a pet hotel or daycare when they decide to roam around.

6. You Get To Be Accommodated by Locals

What’s great about staying at a cozy Airbnb in Denver is that you get to be accommodated by locals. You get to know the best places from their perspective and not from a tourist’s. You can ask for their go-to restaurants and coffee shops around the area. You can also ask for suggestions for local tours such as museums, parks, and more.

Apart from being accommodated by a local, you get to live like a local. As mentioned, these listings are strategically located and it could mean that they are near famous landmarks in the area.

As soon as you find the perfect Airbnb for you in Denver, you should immediately plan your entire trip. As mentioned, Denver is popular for its craft beers. There are almost 350 local breweries in Colorado, and some of them are within Denver.

There are also plenty of museums in the area including The Denver Art Museum and Clyfford Still Museum. You can also go strolling and observe some of the famous landmarks in the city such as the Union Station and Crawford Hotel. If you prefer dining out, you can go to the 16th Street Mall and Larimer Square.

You can also escape the city and go and see the Rocky Mountains. Just take that photo with the mountains at the backdrop and your Denver trip would be complete. Just make sure you get the perfect accommodation first through Airbnb in Denver.