All You Should Know About Self-Touring Rental Homes

All You Should Know About Self-Touring Rental Homes

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Renters and property managers hate wasting time—especially when it comes to scheduling house tours. However, traditional house visits scheduling is a thing of the past. With technology, you can schedule self-tours. Self-tour tech helps showcase houses—minimizing time wastage when it comes to scheduling hours visits. According to the stats, about 25 percent of house owners are quickly shifting from traditional based guided tours to tech inspired self-tours. This trend is expected to rise in the coming years. So, what’s so special about the self-tour rentals? What does it bring to the housing industry? Well, keep reading to discover how self-tour rentals are redefining the leasing game.

1. Schedule Self-Tours

Don’t let the idea of finding home stress you up. Plus, with the global pandemic, moving around is becoming increasingly unpopular. Even more, social distancing is making things difficult—especially when it comes to physically visiting homes. However, technology has made things wiser. With video chatting, you can talk to your agent and secure your ideal home. Even more, the idea of self-touring has made the whole idea of looking for a new home enjoyable and convenient.

2. Straightforward Process

Using the self-tour technology is easy. All you need is to search for your ideal home. Then, go to that leasing website. Hit the self-tour button. You will be prompted to the register icon. Create your account. From here, schedule when to check-in. During the check-in date, you will receive a code that allows you to unlock its lockbox using a door key. The keys will be returned to the lockbox once you are through with viewing the home. From here, you will receive a survey that prompts you to give feedback.

3. How to Avoid Online Rental Scams

There are lots of rental scams online. Don’t fall victim to these scams. Here are quick tips and tricks for avoiding self-tour scams.

  • Only return the key to the lockbox. Stay away from agents that ask you to return the key to other places
  • Don’t sign any paper document. Everything is done online
  • Don’t pay the application fees via wire, CashApp, etc. You can easily be scammed

4. How Self-Tours Can Help You

With self-tour homes, you avoid those annoying crowded open house visits and tiresome tour schedules. This not only saves you time but is also convenient if you don’t want to move around. With self-tours, you have a tool that allows you to have complete control over your time. Even more, it’s more convenient. Still more, you can view houses for rent even when you are on holiday. In a nutshell, self-tours have transformed the property leasing game.

The Bottom-Line

It’s no secret: Self-tours are quickly changing the leasing landscape. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a lot of hours scheduling home tours. With technology, you can have self-tours. This saves time and energy. The above guide highlights the impacts of self-tour tech on the housing industry.