6 Things to Look For When Buying a Mattress Online

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Mattress affects the quality of your sleep and the critical secret for a well-rested body and mind. It’s essential to find the right bed suitable for your sleeping needs. There are plenty of brands that promise complete relief from pressure points and enhance the quality of your slumber.

How do you find the best mattress? Are you aware of the benefits you can enjoy by simply finding the right bed to support your body? What factors should you take into consideration given the best possible option for bed selection?

A mattress guide will help you land into the most comfortable spot that enhances the quality of your sleep. It means you’ll need to do a little research or read insights from experts who know what you need even before you start asking. With a myriad of selection in the market, which mattress has top-rated quality and optimum body contouring support ideal for every sleeper type?

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How To Choose The Best Mattress: Buying Guide

The following factors will help you find the right mattress without compromising quality and is ideal for your budget. Your success rate of finding a premium-quality mattress is high. You can also check for the best brands like dreamcloud or puffy mattress, which are considered top-rated with great deals at an affordable price. These two manufacturers are known for durability, comfort, and best support.

1. Mattress Type

It comes by individual preference to honestly know which type of mattress is suitable for you. There are six types of bedding to choose from; memory foam, adjustable beds, hybrids, latex, pillow-top, and innerspring (coils). Choosing a mattress can be hard if you don’t know what every type of mattress provides.

  • Memory foam provides pressure relief with great support and body contouring.
  • Latex beds are known to provide cooling, bouncy, comfort, and responsive characteristics.
  • Hybrids are designed to provide significant benefits without extra costs.
  • Pillow-top provides layers of luxuriously soft sewn or stuffed materials into the mattress cover.
  • Innersprings are known for the comfort and support that they provide through layers of spring coils.
  • Adjustable beds allow sleepers to switch the positions of the mattress.

2. Mattress Life

The mattress age plays an important role when choosing a new bed. The rule of thumb implies that if it’s over eight years, it has served its purpose and you’re more likely to replace it soon. However, it depends on the quality and construction of your mattress. Most mattresses nowadays can provide optimum support longer than that and come with excellent warranty coverage.

3. Sleeping Positions

Whether you sleep on your tummy, back, side, or combination of all, take note that the mattress’ firmness affects the quality of your sleep over your preferred sleeping position.

4. Firmness

The firmness level of your mattress depends on how hard or soft you want your mattress feels. It’s a highly subjective matter. Certain factors affect the firmness of a bed based on individual weight, body type, size, and sleeping positions. All of which varies per needs.

5. Body Weight

Bodyweight plays a crucial part when choosing the right mattress. It affects factors like body support, cooling effects, feel-hug, sinkage, motion transfer, and more.

There are specific mattress types required for different body types and weight. There are three weight categories to guide you: lightweight, average, and heavyweight sleeper.

6. Budget

Buying a mattress online can save you time and money. Most online shops offer high beds at a reasonable price with excellent deals. It helps you find better quality beds without the hassle to move from one brick and mortar shop to another, and you’ll even get a lousy bed at a high cost.

Determine how much you are willing to spend, and you’ll find one that matches your sleep and support needs without breaking the bank. You may even have enough money left over to buy a heated mattress pad for those cold winter nights. Wired Shopper reviews the best picks to buy.

With these, there are top-rated manufacturers you can check as they provide high-quality mattresses: Puffy and DreamCloud.


Choosing a mattress is hard work and requires you to check the pointers given below. Once you’ve identified what type of sleeping position you’re most comfortable with together with your body weight and type of mattress you prefer, choosing the best mattress online is more manageable. With the best deals, you’ll never inevitably go wrong.