7 Best Natural Sleep Aids for Children

Natural Sleep Aids for Children

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As a parent, you understand the importance of sleep for children. When children are sleep deprived their mood is affected and they may struggle to focus throughout the day. Also, sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle and essential for maintaining physical and mental health.

But what do you do if your child is having difficulty sleeping? Luckily there are various natural sleep aids for children that you can discuss with your child’s pediatrician.

If your pediatrician approves the use of a natural sleep supplement, then keep reading to learn about the best natural sleep aids for kids and get your child back on a healthy sleep schedule.

The first natural sleep aid is one of the most popular, and used for many purposes.

1. Essential Oils

Essential oils are thought to have countless benefits, and sleep assistance in children is one of them. Use essential oils in a diffuser because they can cause an allergic reaction if you apply them directly onto your child’s skin.

Some fragrances to try include Lemon, Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, and Bergamot.

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2. Epsom Salts

Epsom salt is said to help with relaxation and loosening joints and muscles. When added to a warm bath, Epsom salts can help children feel calm and relaxed.

However, make sure to avoid any Epsom salt bathwater touching your child’s face and eyes and when not in use, be sure to keep these out of the reach of children.

Add 300 grams to a full bathtub and help your child relax before bedtime.

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3. Tea Before Bed

Certain types of caffeine-free tea can help children sleep. Some herbal teas to try include chamomile, mint, and holy basil. Be careful not to add to much sugar, as it can stimulate your child and keep them away.

Instead, opt for a little pinch of honey (for children over one) and a splash of milk to make the tea tastier.

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4. Be Mindful of Naptime

Try to avoid naps close to bedtime. This will help your child when bedtime approaches and assist with a healthy sleep routine.

For children over 5 years old, ensure naps are no later than 2 in the afternoon and limit naps to 20 minutes.

5. Provide Security

Children may struggle to fall asleep if they feel scared or vulnerable. Create a bedtime routine that makes your child feel loved and safe. If the dark scares your child, look for a dim light so they’re not in complete darkness, such as a salt lamp.

6. Healthy Dietary Habits

Make sure your children avoid foods with caffeine and if possible, with sugar. Food dyes can also contribute to poor sleep habits so be mindful of these as well.

Keep in mind if your child is younger than 2 they shouldn’t have any added sugar.

7. Temperature

Ensure your home is a comfortable temperature in order to promote restful sleep. Ideal sleep temperatures are anywhere from 65-67 degrees, so aim to keep your house that temperature at night.

Best Natural Sleep Aids for Children

There are many different types of natural sleep aids for children, from herbal tea to eliminating screen time before bed. No matter what methods help your child, ensure a safe, loving environment to help them feel secure as they nod off to dreamland.

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