8 Tips To Buy Bedding On A Budget

Bedding On A Budget

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Everyone wants to have a super comfortable and amazing bed to sleep in at night. However, we also don’t want to empty out our bank accounts to get that luxurious bedding we’ve always wanted. Well, the good news for you is that you don’t have to spend tons of money on bedding if you don’t want to! There are plenty of inexpensive ways that you can get shabby chic bedding on a budget. Keep reading down below for our tips on how to do just that. Happy shopping!

1. Go for The High Thread Count

Remember to watch out for the thread count when you are shopping around for cotton bedding – the number of threads in the bedding. You are going to be seeing most sheets having 200 thread count, while more expensive ones can go upwards from there. If you are on a budget, then of course you can go for the ones with less of a thread count, but these are going to be of less quality when compared to higher thread counts. Be sure to balance out your budget with how much you can afford to buy in terms of thread count.

2. Wool Vs. Synthetic Blankets

If you are planning on going with wool blankets for your bed and want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, then it’s best to go with merino wool blankets, which are of the highest quality. However, if you are faced with allergies, then you can also get a synthetic blanket, which is going to be a breeze to wash and are going to be more inexpensive than merino wool.

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3. Think About the Fill Power

Do you know what fill power is? Well, if you don’t, don’t worry! It’s basically how you would measure the quality of down products. You should make sure to watch out for this when you are buying down products for your bed. Ensure that the products have a high fill power, which means that they are going to be lighter and warmer than others.

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4. How About A DIY Duvet Cover?

You might be tempted to buy that expensive and luxurious duvet cover for your comforter, but this is definitely not going to be so good for your budget. You can easily create a DIY duvet cover by sewing together some flat sheets on your comforter! This is going to be way more affordable than buying that cover from the store, plus this gives you plenty of options to make the cover unique to your own tastes.

5. Full-Size Is Pretty Perfect

Did you know that you can buy a full-flat sheet for your queen bed, rather than the queen size? Not only is this going to fit way better than the queen-sized version, but it will cost you a lot less money because the full is less material than the queen. Who knew there were so many ways for you to save money!

6. How About Pre-Shrunk Flannel?

If you’re going to be going for flannel sheets, which are pretty inexpensive, then it’s best to choose pre-shrunk flannel sheets. This means that they are not going to shrink when you put them in the wash and the dryer for the first time. You definitely don’t want this to happen if you are concerned with your budget because then you would find yourself right back at the bedding store to buy a new set of beddings!

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7. Breezy Bedding

You definitely don’t want to have the same bedding for summer that you used last winter, right? That will lead to some seriously sweaty summer nights when the temperature soars. It’s best for you to go with easy-care cotton blankets that are pretty lightweight and allow air to soar right through them. This will save you a lot of money in the summer months, as well!

8. Go for A Featherbed

If you want your mattress to feel absolutely amazing when you flop down on it after a long day, you might be thinking about replacing your old, worn out mattress for a new one. However, that can be pretty expensive and frankly, not worth it. You can easily go for a featherbed or a polyester fiber bed, which will give your bed that lofty look. In addition to that, they’re going to be super inexpensive when compared to those new mattresses you could buy.

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When it comes to living on a budget, it can be hard to go for some new bedding to make your bed super comfortable at night. However, you deserve to be sleeping on a cloud at night, so be sure to balance your budget and desires appropriately.