How To Wash Flannel Sheets

Wash Flannel Sheets

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Something to love about the fashion industry and clothes, mainly, is the variety of fabrics available. This variety allows you to try different styles and combine them to create new, revolutionary looks. One of the best fabrics to try this with is flannel.

Flannel is a warm and soft material that we use to make shirts, pants, underwear, and of course the best flannel sheets. People use this fabric mostly for winter due to its soft, warm and cozy texture. The flannel’s elegant look makes it a top choice among bedding enthusiasts to top it all off.

However, as comfortable as it is to sleep on this fabric, it is also one of those fabrics that must be carefully and adequately cleaned to retain its quality.

This is why you should properly manage and wash flannel sheets to maintain their elegance and beauty.

All The Conditions To Meet

  1. Warm Water: Since flannel is a delicate fabric, you need to make sure you wash in warm water. A temperature that is too cold or too hot may cause the flannel to get rumpled.
  2. Mild detergent: To wash this fabric, you will need gentle detergent. The strong detergent may irrevocably damage your flannel sheets.
  3. Fabric softener: This product is a must if you want to keep your flannel fabric in tip-top shape. Alternatively, you can also use white vinegar or dryer sheets.

How To Wash Flannel

  1. It would be best if you started by putting warm water in your washing machine. As mentioned earlier, never wash flannel in cold or hot water as this may cause your sheets to get rumpled. Throughout the wash, it would be best if you kept the water warm.
  2. You can then add your mild detergent to the water. If you use regular detergent, it will work as expected but will cause your flannel to fade over time. Hence, it is essential not to overlook this warning. Harsh detergent, bleach, and other strong chemicals will damage your fabric irredeemably.
  3. The permanent press or the gentle cycle setting is how you should wash your flannel, depending on what model of washing machine you have and how big the sheets are.
  4. After you’re done washing your flannel, you can decide to hang it to dry or dry it using your washing machine, although hanging to dry may be slightly better. If you’re using your washing machine to dry it, then you should make sure you remove it immediately it gets dry. If you leave it in the dryer for too long, it will cause the fabric to weaken. It would also be best if you dry it in low or no heat, as this helps to preserve the fabric’s quality for a longer amount of time.

Some Additional Tips

When the flannel gets washed over time, it tends to get smaller. That said, if you want to buy a flannel shirt, make sure you get one slightly bigger than your bed. If your flannel sheets are shedding, you may be able to solve this by adding one-half cup of vinegar.

If you follow these fantastic tips on how to wash and adequately take care of flannel, then you will most likely have that beautiful piece of fabric for a long, long time.