What To Know When Looking For A Thin Mattress

thin mattress

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When you think of mattresses, a thin mattress hardly comes to your mind. You have always imagined mattress to be a thick one, multi-layered heaven on the bed. But there are good quality thin mattresses which do help in getting quality sleep. Although, there is a limited choice when it comes to thin mattresses. The thin mattress has its own comfort and health benefits, like body support, pain relief to name a few. Less sink in the thin mattress helps in keeping your spine aligned.  It is good for stomach and back sleepers. It is easier to move around thin mattresses. They are much cheaper than luxurious mattresses and have their own benefits. 

There are various types of thin mattresses, some are thinner than others, and some are made of different fabric.

Check out this guide from SleepStandards.com to find more about the best thin mattresses available on the market.

Some of the tips to know when you are looking to buy a thin mattress include;

1. Comfort

You should check that the mattress is able to provide the comfort that you are looking for a good quality sleep. You should check for the firmness of material and focus on the number of pressure points that the mattress can help you with. If the thin mattress has adequate firmness for you to have a comfortable sleep, you may not need a thick mattress after all. It should provide good support to your spine to keep it aligned. Your bed should be able to give your body good support when you are asleep, it shouldn’t matter whether it is an adult sleeping on it or a child. Although, if you are of heavy body structure, you may not find comfort in a thin mattress.

2. Design

A thin mattress is ideal for a sleek and minimal look if you have bunk beds, or low-build frames, or lightweight loft beds in your bedroom. A thin mattress also looks appealing to the eyes if you have a small bedroom. It should be of the design that conserves space in your bedroom so that you can set interior decors of your bedroom that are in line with Scandinavian interior design.

3. Material

You should look for the type of material that a thin mattress is made of.  You should buy a thin mattress that is made of good foam types like bio-foam, or memory foam, etc.

4. Durability

You should look for the quality of material that the thin mattress is made of. Thin mattresses can be as durable as thick ones, it is the durability that counts and not the thickness of your mattress. Quality of the material used in the mattress you are planning to buy should be a good one, not a poor imitation.

5. Breathability

You should check for breathability. In hot humid weather, a thin mattress should provide respite to your body. Your mattress should provide better ventilation and allow greater airflow so that your body stays cool while you are asleep. 

6. Best Fit 

You should check if you have a lightweight loft bed or low-profile bed frames at home. If yes, then you should buy a thin mattress, they are best suited for this kind of bed structure. But, ensure the mattress size fits your bed structure. To compare mattresses, check this mattress comparison tool.

7. Thickness

You should check for the thickness of the mattress. It should follow the industry standard of being thick between 5-9 inches to be deemed as a thin mattress.

8. Portability

You should check for the weight of the thin mattress. It should not be heavy that will make moving it around a difficult and cumbersome task.  You should be able to move it around effortlessly and it should be possible to fold it that makes moving it to another place easier.

9. Cover

You should check for the cover of a thin mattress.  It should be able to keep the dust mites away. A mattress with a good cover is going to keep all the allergies away and maintain hygiene around your mattress.

10. Certification

If you finalize the purchase of a new mattress, you should ensure that the mattress is in line with various authorized certifications, like CertiPUR-US. You should always check the product against the industry standards so that you are sure they are safe to be used.

11. Budget

This is just a generic parameter that should be considered while buying a thin mattress. Anyway, we consider it for any purchase. The budget should not affect your comfort but if you can get comfort at a cheap rate, then why not opt for it. You should look for the best thin mattress that fits your budget.


A thin mattress has its own health benefits and is much cheaper. If you are looking for the combination of different materials, lack of sink and extra breathability in a thin mattress that will help you to have a good quality sleep. So, go ahead and buy one if it takes care of your needs. Your thin mattress should be compact, easy to be moved and should take less storage space. You should be able to use it as a spare bed as well.