How to Add More Privacy to a Barn Door?

Add Privacy to a Barn Door

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Barn doors, which are one or two solid panels that are mounted on horizontal slats, allow you to fill your home with a rustic atmosphere. However, privacy barn door in this variant remain a problem for many clients, because there are gaps that need to be eliminated. They can also interfere with private conversation due to insufficient soundproofing.

Homeowners often wonder how to add privacy to a barn door. It is real to increase the level of privacy – it can be done with your own hands and at a low cost. You do not need to completely redesign the interior – there are several modifications that can be done using improvised tools and simple materials. Among them wood stained double barn doors.

Introduction of Locks

In general, barn models do not have such a familiar element as a lock. This type of construction can be supplemented with locks, thanks to which the level of privacy will improve. In particular, the homeowner will be able to control incoming people. These changes will not affect the overall design of the door.

The most common varieties of locks are drop locks and models with an eye and a hook. Experts recommend using the first option if there is a desire to close barn variants from the inside. This element is characterized by functionality, safety and attractive appearance. It can also be attached to the model frame. However, in order to use it, it is necessary to level the door and the wall.

The second option is characterized by ease of installation. These locks are usually used for barn variants with a large gap. These components are installed both inside and outside. The “hook” is placed on the door jamb or wall, and part of the “eyelet” on the door. This prevents swinging.

Elimination of Gaps

When mounting, installers leave a 3 to 5 mm gap between barn door and wall on purpose to allow fresh air to flow in. However, this space can always be eliminated if you think it is unnecessary, using the methods below.

Curtain Panels

This is one of the most common solutions. You can buy the cheapest version of curtain panels online that can be used to cover barn models. Panels are equipped with a built-in pocket, which allows them to be put directly on the ready-made hardware. These materials can also have different colors and ornaments. It is even possible to purchase a darkened version to prevent light from entering the apartment.


The use of insulating strips is an option of how to fill gap between barn door and wall. With the help of such elements, you can remove any visible gap. To this end, you need to choose the right thickness that perfectly closes the gaps. In addition, it is possible to use self-adhesive seals or to attach them with a nail gun to give them strength.

Acoustic foam can be used to improve soundproofing, which not only solves the issue of privacy, but also prevents the penetration of cold in winter and heat in summer. Acoustic foam can be purchased at any home store.

Experts also recommend using a glue spray to glue the foam to the doors. This will allow them to withstand more rigid loads.

Introduction of a Door Closer

This variant closer is a sliding piece of soft material hanging off the bottom of the door. This is precisely what makes it possible to achieve an increased level of privacy. Every apartment owner can nail this element to the barn models, even after the specialists have finished installing them. It will not be difficult.

Implement Foam Corners

If the barn variants are installed at a distance of less than 2.5 cm from the baseboard, the corner foam strips will help. They can be used to eliminate the gap on the sides of barn models. Due to their softness, the foam bars do not damage the parts when sliding.

Eliminating Barn Doors From Swinging

When operating barn doors, many homeowners wonder how to stop barn doors from swinging. Experts have come up with a clever solution – apply bottom or door guides.

The U-shaped component allows the barn door to slide inside it. It also ensures that the doors always stay on the rail regardless of whether they are open or closed. The door rail, on the other hand, fits into the groove on the bottom of the door. This is usually L-shaped hardware, but if there is no such cut-out, it can be made with a milling machine.

Barn Doors in the Bathroom

Many homeowners make sure to use sliding barn door interior in the bathroom. Proper implementation of the construction will solve the problem of how to how to make a barn door private. The main thing is that there is as little light as possible through the doors at night. However, it is worth noting that the sound and light tightness of sliding doors in the bathroom leaves much to be desired, which is dictated by the peculiarities of design. Therefore, there is no definite answer to the question of how to lock a barn door to the bathroom.

Elimination of Gaps in Double Barn Doors

If there is a gap between double barn models after installation, it can be quickly and economically sealed. To do this, you can arm yourself with self-adhesive sealing tape and do the following steps:

  1. Inspect the doors and gap for proper leveling. Otherwise, this will cause problems when trying to eliminate gaps.
  2. Measure the width of the gap between the doors. This will allow you to find out if sealing is the only way to save the situation.
  3. Prepare the structure by removing old sealant and other traces. It is better to use special products.
  4. Measure and cut the seal according to the length of the door. If its thickness does not match, you can cut the material to the dimensions.
  5. Firmly press the strips by running your fingers up and down the length. This will avoid air bubbles and create a tight coating.

The last step is to open and close the structure to check for gaps.

Final Positions

It is possible to increase the privacy of barn models. Of course, the number of ways is not that great, but it leaves space for creativity. It is possible to use a lot of options for such designs, which will affect the image itself, which the owner of the apartment wants to achieve with available materials and simple tools.

The fastest and most common solution are curtain panels. However, for a more permanent method, several other interesting options can be applied. These and insulating film materials, insulation seals or door closers. You can also add more wood. Either way, it will be possible to achieve high barn variant privacy without replacing them, so it is worth trying one of the options suggested above.