5 Things You Need To Prepare When Hosting A Slumber Party

Hosting A Slumber Party

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Slumber parties are special events that most teenagers or even adults experience. It’s a small event that allows people to interact socially, bond, and create meaningful experiences with their peers. Since slumber parties are overnight stays away from their home, the party’s host might sometimes feel a lot of pressure in preparing for it.

In hosting a slumber party, you want everything to be prepared. Having people inside your home could sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you need more preparation to have guests around your house. But, if you allot some time for preparation, it would be possible for you to experience a fun-filled and worth-remembering slumber party.

So, to help you, here are some things you need to prepare when hosting a slumber party.

1. Change Your Bedding

Since slumber parties are overnight, your beds would be one of the main items in your household that your friends would occupy. That being said, it’s important that you prepare numerous pillows and blankets ahead of time and, most especially, get your bedding changed.

Beddings unchanged for weeks could expose your guests to various bacteria and may cause them to be sick. Not to mention, it might also stink. Thus, find bedding suitable for your needs and change them regularly, especially if you have guests coming.

If you want bedding that offers a silky feel, is luxurious looking, and is hypoallergenic, then bamboo quilts are a good option. There’s even a cooling bamboo quilt that could help make you feel comfortable during the summer season, helping you get better sleep at night.

Good bedding is a great way to create a more relaxing bedroom. It is useful when you have guests over at your home and helps you enjoy a more cozy feeling while you sleep.

2. Make A List Of Invited Guests

The number of guests you can invite to your home would also depend on the size of your house or room. You have to make sure that everyone could have a space allotted for them to sleep on. It would be a shame if you invited too many guests to your party and they slept on the couch or, worse, on the floor.

Usually, sleepovers could have a range of two to eight guests, but it still depends on the kinds of people you enjoy hanging out with. In inviting guests, make sure you ask those people who you get along well with. If you have a best friend, try not to hurt their feelings by asking them but also, it’s essential that you set boundaries and communicate with them, such as boys are not allowed and the like.

Additionally, try to inform your friends weeks before the date. This way, they could also have time to prepare. Making a list of your invited friends could make it easier to remember who to ask and who not to. Try to email, chat, or text your friends for a more convenient way to invite them, especially if you only meet them sometimes.

3. Get The Food Ready

Typically, in every slumber party, no one sleeps early. Instead, guests could feel hungry during the night, and finding food outdoors could be challenging since not all shops are open for 24 hours. So, try to stock on food at least a day before the slumber party or have a meal plan.

Try to go to the nearest grocery supermarket near your area to get some goods you could consume, like chips, popcorn, drinks, and more. Also, consider the possible allergies of your guests. For instance, if one of your friends is allergic to shrimp, avoid getting chips or any food with shrimp. This way, you can have a more fun-filled party without worrying about someone possibly needing to get to the hospital.

4. Schedule A Date

Before you invite your friends to the party, it would be highly beneficial if you could schedule a date and ask them if they’re available. As adults, not everyone can be available instantly, especially people who have their life priorities and responsibilities.

Thus, try to find a date when you and your friends are all available to have fun. This way, you could all have a good time celebrating without having felt left out of your friendship group because they can’t come.

5. Have Music On

One of the best ways to pump up a slumber party is singing along with your friends with music you’ll love! Prepare a playlist of you and your peers and listen to it while you do some activities or games in your house.

When you play music on, control the volume, especially if you have neighbors who are strict with night music. Not every person would appreciate a loud noise at night so before turning up the volume to the loudest level, inform your neighbors ahead of time to show respect and be considerate of their sleep schedule.

Final Thoughts

Slumber parties are a great way to connect with your peers and learn more about them. It’s also a great way for personal growth as you tackle life throughout the night. This being said, hosting a slumber party could be easy as pie, but only if you’re prepared. So, don’t worry, as you could always allot time beforehand to make things work and enjoy a successful party with your friends!