Keepsake Quilts

What Is the Purpose of a Memory Quilt?

A Memory Quilt is a wonderfully creative way to commemorate the life of loved ones, celebrate family history, and mark special events. It’s more than just fabric – it captures memories! Every quilt is unique with signatures and messages stitched onto blocks made from snippets of cherished garments or t-shirts.

Custom Wedding Keepsake Quilt
Custom Wedding Keepsake Quilt

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What Is a Remembrance Quilt?

Crafting a Remembrance Quilt is an inspiring way to memorialize the life of someone special – using items they wore, touched, or were associated with in their lifetime. This quilting tradition has been around for centuries and can be both comforting and empowering during times of mourning.

How Many Items Do You Need for a Memory Quilt?

A standard size quilt is 20 squares and a large is 30 squares. For a standard size quilt you would want at least 5 articles of clothes and for a large 6-10. Get a quilt pattern and make your own.

How To Make A T-Shirt Quilt: An Easy Guide To Creating A Keepsake Quilt

Why Is It Called a Quilt?

Piecing together a glorious quilt has been an integral part of human history since the Middle Ages. Our rich cultural heritage is woven into every stitch and pass-me-down keepsake that we create, so what better way to honor someone’s special occasion? Get your hands on a beautiful customized quilt crafted with love and passed down for future generations!