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The art of quilt making is traditional, and quilts are still used today for warmth and comfort. In England, the term used for quit is duvet and the inside batting layer is called wadding.Quilts are not just a form of bedding. They have many other uses, some of which include decorations, armory, educational, artistic expression, campaigning, etc.

The Amish quilts are remarkable for their quilt making. The choice of colors in their quilts reflects their worldview and religious beliefs, in not being flashy or exuberant.

The artistic aspect of even a common quilt becomes apparent from the outside decorations. Piecing and patchwork quilts are the most common quilting method to make the outside layer. Embroidery and applique are also used to add more creative touches to the fabric.

The choice of colors makes the quilts a real artistic delight. While some prefer bright colors, a patchwork of colorful additions allows the creation of artistic colorful patterns. Machine embroidery is also sometimes used to automate the process.

Just as a work of art has a name and carries a date, quilts too have been given names and dates of completion. This practice is in use since the 1900’s.

There are many organizations associated with quilts and quilt making, one such being the Quilt Alliance. There is also a National Quilt Museum devoted to quilts.

From children to adults, all of us like quilts for their warmth and softness, enhanced by the colorful and creative patterns and fabric details. The art of quilt making is very much alive, and quilts will continue to be an essential part of our lives.

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