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A stained carpet not only looks bad but harbors germs causing diseases too. The regular cleaning will make it tidy. That is especially true in high traffic areas. Common stains like wine, tea, or blood are difficult to extract from the floor without the best carpet cleaner.

The best cleaning tool transforms the tedious work into a light one. When you work on the stain as soon as it occurs, it will come out without leaving a trace behind on your expensive carpet.

Here are three best such cleaners to consider.

Top Three Best Portable Carpet Reviews

1. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – Corded

Bissell, a reputed company in designing carpet cleaners lives up to its name in the portable carpet cleaner. It gives you the compact and 5.7 amperes rated powerful spot cleaner. With its 22feet power cord and the hose length of four feet, you can reach further than most cleaners support.  In addition, it works efficiently on most stains and spills owing to the strong suction action. The company even provides a two-year warranty on the product!

When cleaning a room, you don’t have to move it from one socket to another. It can stretch to a distance of 26 feet away. That makes it easier to reach all the corners of most rooms without dragging your cleaner all the time.

Remember those tight places hard to reach? Not anymore with Bissell 3624; the 3-inch cleaning brush takes care of that. Otherwise, when cleaning the spacious area the 6-inch brush becomes appropriate

At one fill of the ¾ gallon water tank, you get extended cleaning time before the next refill. That limits the time wastage of making several trips to refill the water tank.

Considering its 13lbs lightweight, moving the portable carpet cleaner from one room to the other becomes a simple task. Moreover, it’s fitted with a supportive handle. Both the dirty and clean water tanks have flat bottoms and supportive handles too. That gives them much balance on the floor during refill.

The portable cleaner works efficiently on both loose and stubborn stains. That’s due to the effective cleaning solution, powerful suction action combined with the scrubbing brushes. Even the most stubborn stains won’t withstand the Bissell 3624.

When you are through with cleaning, its compact size allows the equipment to occupy a small space. Even the hose and the power cord folds excellently in place. In addition, you can also use it to clean different places like the carpet, stairs, and automotive interior


  • Cleans a wide variety of stains like blood, wine, and tea
  • Has the high capacity 3/4 gallon water tank
  • Flat bottom for improved balance
  • Far-reaching power cable, 22 feet in length


  • To an extent, it’s noisy during operation
  • It could have been more efficient if the brush employed rotary cleaning principle

2. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

Hoover carpet washer FH50150 provides hard to ignore features. Think of how far you can reach with its 20 feet power cable and eight feet hose. What of its Dual nozzle, forced heated air technology and automatic detergent mixing? The Hoover carpet cleaner promises to revolutionize your cleaning into an enjoyable task. The two-year manufacturer’s warranty further confirms its quality design.

The equipment employs the forced heated air technology. The forced hot air aids in loosening, uplifting and removing the most stubborn stains. Moreover, it also enhances the quick drying of the carpet surface. The automatic detergent mixing not only guarantees the correct mix but saves time too.

The smart tank system limits the chances of creating a mess during filling or emptying time. The quick pour spout recovery tank is thus designed with that in mind. The Dual s nozzle, on the other hand, helps for faster and efficient cleaning.
When you plug in the Hoover Fh50150 into a power outlet, you can reach the furthest places of a room. Thanks to the 20 feet power cable and the eight feet hose. With the dual tank technology, the dirty and clean water are kept separately.


  • Fast drying action due to the forced heated air technology
  • Automated detergent mixing
  • Weighs just 19lbs thus portable


  • At times the brushes get stuck
  • Short hose length

3. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Do cleaning high traffic areas on your carpet give you hard time? Let the Rug doctor spot cleaner help you. The compactly constructed carpet cleaner uses the motorized brush.  The result is fast and efficient work.  Its cleaning action doesn’t depend on steam or heat thus it doesn’t damage your carpet

Even the stubborn pet stain will easily give way to the rug doctor’s carpet cleaner. The motorized brush, that spins at 1200 times per minute aids to remove tough stains. Although the equipment weighs about 20lbs, the retractable handle and the carpet-friendly wheels make it easy to move from one place to the other.

The 64oz water tanks are easy to remove for example during the cleaning exercise. The portable carpet cleaner promises two times the suction power than the ordinary tools.

In addition to cleaning carpets, the rug doctor has many alternative uses. That includes car seats, couches and pet beds. In all those places it will extract different types of stains like coffee stains, pet stains or wine spills.


  • Uses the motorized brush
  • Has the retractable handle for easier pulling of the portable cleaner
  • Can clean many types of surfaces
  • Employs dual easy to remove water tanks
  • Powerful suction


  • Has a general weight of about 20lbs which is heavier.
  • It lacks water heating action


The secret to removing stains on the carpet is having the best tool. In addition, you should clean out any mess on the floor as soon as it occurs. So if you choose an excellent cleaning tool like Bissell 3624 no stain will be too difficult to remove. Its high suction capability and the long power cable will benefit you most. For some more suggestion check out this extensive guide on bestportableproducts.com.

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