DIY – Build Your Own Pizza Oven – Required Materials

DIY - Building own pizza oven in garden

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Having your own wood-fired oven allows you to prepare a wide range of tasty dishes. If you want to build your own pizza oven and delight your family and friends with unforgettable pizzas, read our guide. We have listed a number of tips on how to prepare for the construction of your own furnace and what materials you need  to build your own pizza oven outdoors!

How to Build a Pizza Oven

When choosing a place for your wood-fired oven, first make sure that it is level. Thanks to this, it will not be necessary to level the ground. The building your own pizza oven outdoor  should begin with the proper preparation of the ground. The first task is to make a plinth, which will insulate the oven from the ground. The plinth is usually made of bricks, concrete or stone.

We put the base of the stove on the plinth. To increase thermal insulation, the bottom is lined with broken glass. The base is usually built from clay (or clay mixed with straw). After the base has dried completely, you can proceed to the construction of the baking chamber. Most often it takes the shape of a dome with a wooden frame. The skeleton can also be made of wet sand. The dome is filled with chamotte bricks, which are connected with a special heat-resistant mortar. After the mold dries completely, the previously prepared skeleton should be removed.

If you want to use a wood-burning oven to bake not only outdoor pizza  (but also for example bread or dough), it is worth equipping it with a suitable door. This will allow you to achieve the right temperature in the interior.

The last but very important element of the construction of the wood-fired oven is its insulation. For this purpose, ceramic fiber mats are most often used.

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Materials Needed for the Construction of a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Investment in good quality materials is extremely important. Their quality directly affects the lifespan of the over, its insulation, and the ability to maintain the same temperature for a long time. The materials needed to build a wood-fired pizza oven include:

  • chamotte tiles and bricks;
  • heat-resistant mortar;
  • a steel door;
  • a ceramic fiber mat;
  • high temperature adhesive;
  • reinforcing mesh;
  • cement for a wood-fired oven.

Fortunately, there are many prefabricated elements on the market that allow to speed up and facilitate the process of building a wood-fired oven. It is possible to buy a ready-made arch forming the entrance to the oven or a special plate for the base of the furnace. For example, in the Vitcas store you will find all the necessary materials for building your own wood-fired pizza oven.

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The Cost of a Wood-Fired Oven

The cost of maintaining a wood-fired oven diy pizza oven is several times lower than of electric models. In addition, it’s impossible to achieve the same taste in an electric oven.

What Can You Use a Wood-Fired Oven For?

A wood-fired oven is not only intended for making homemade  outdoor pizza. Having an oven in the garden will allow you to prepare delicious dishes with an unforgettable taste for special occasions. A wood-fired oven is suitable for preparing many different dishes, including bread, fresh rolls, and focaccia. You can also prepare meat and vegetable stews or casseroles in a special roasting dish. The meat should be stewed at lower temperatures (around 150 degrees Celsius) over a long period. Finally, you can also prepare tasty desserts in the oven.

Build Your Own Pizza Oven