5 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

professional drain cleaner

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Are your feet splish-splashing on the bottom of the shower floor? Does your tub resemble a pond more than a bathtub?

All the signs point to a drain problem, but what’s the best way to fix it?

Stop before you pour drain cleaner down your pipes! Attempting drain cleaning by yourself may do more harm than good.

DIY is tempting, but is it worth it?

Here are five benefits of hiring a professional drain cleaning company.

1. The Danger of Drain Cleaner

Whenever there’s a drain problem, homeowners rush for the drain cleaner. While cleaners loosen clogs, they don’t get rid of them entirely.

Unfortunately, drain cleaners push clogs down the pipe, which creates more blockage. Think of drain cleaner as a Q-tip. Q-Tips just push ear wax down, but don’t clear out the wax.

Another concern with drain cleaner is the chemicals. These chemicals can weaken pipes and the Earth’s ozone layer.

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2. Expert Diagnosis

Drain cleaner may temporarily “fix” the problem, but it doesn’t diagnose the issue. This is where a professional comes in.

Professional drain cleaning companies provide a unique insight into plumbing problems. Your issue may not even be a clogged drain!

This is another reason why Acme Plumbing warns against using drain chemicals. Your issue could be corroded pipes, which means you should avoid using drain cleaner at all costs.

3. The Healthy Choice

That water pooling around your ankles may seem harmless. Unfortunately, bathwater is a magnet for water-borne illnesses, insects, mildew, rust, and mold.

This problem increases indoor air pollution, which heightens the risk of breathing problems, nausea, headaches, and a weakened immune system.

The health factor is another reason to avoid drain cleaning. Breathing in these chemicals also puts your health at risk. Plus, the clog is still there collecting bacteria.

4. Reduce Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are nothing to laugh at. Falling in the shower can lead to concussions or even fatalities! This is a particular concern for elderly individuals.

Clogged drains only increase the risk of slips and falls. This isn’t the time for drain cleaner. You need a professional who knows what they’re doing.

After fixing the drain, a professional will also recommend using a bathmat to prevent slips and falls in the future.

5. Professional Drain Cleaning Lasts

You’re going to waste a lot of drain cleaner keeping your problem at bay. As you learned, this can be dangerous for your pipes, health, and the planet.

Rather than kicking a can down the road, a professional can provide long-lasting results. They’ll use plumbing snakes, wrenches, and drain openers to remove the entire clog.

Long-lasting results mean fewer repairs down the road. By using a professional, you can focus on more home improvement issues.

Make the Right Choice

Are you ready for the potential costs of DIY plumbing? Don’t wait and see. Consider hiring a professional drain cleaning company for the job.

Excellent plumbing is just one aspect of a healthy and happy home. Check back often for more tricks and tips for your home improvement projects!